Breaking Bad – “Sunset” – review

breaking bad sunsetI don’t know about you, dear reader, but tonight’s episode was a fucking blast.  Seems like this season has thus far been made up of character development episodes, most of them painful and depressing.  I’m all for that shit, obviously, but tonight’s hilarious and action-packed “Sunset” was a much needed break from the heart-breaking shit we’ve been put through lately on the show.  That said, heart-broken is probably better than having a heart attack, one of which I damn near had in the home stretch of this episode.

You gotta love the determination Jesse shows this season.  The guy gets fucked by Gus and then just keeps rolling, gets the band back together (BADGER!) and makes plans to start back at the bottom, low level dealing with two dudes on the payroll.  First order of business is the RV, though, and Hank is just waiting for Jesse to lead him right to it.  Hank’s been showing a helluva lot of initiative these days too, never leaving his stakeout of Jesse’s house.  Of course he’s working so much so he can avoid Marie and his own self-loathing over his PTSD, but still, guy’s letting you know why they pay him the big bucks.

Walt, on the other hand, seems to genuinely be keeping it together at the start of “Sunset.”  He gets a new place (“Name one thing in this world that is not negotiable,” was the line of the night) and dives right into his new job at the laundry, anxious and excited like it’s the first day of school.  His new lab assistant Gale is perfect for Walt too, able to make Walt feel far removed from the sordidness of what they’re actually producing.  Gale’s love of chemistry, his geeky libertarian attitude, the Whitman poem – it’s like the chemistry job Walt always wanted, only with more money than he ever dreamed of.  They even do a hilarious montage to show how brilliantly the two work together.

Walt even seems secure with the divorce, able to be fairly open and positive with Walt Jr. and surprisingly unflinching when talking to Skyler on the phone.  He even repeats Gus’ mantra of “providing for his family” during his conversation with Skyler, insisting that everything monetary regarding the kids will be handled by him alone.  But then Walt gets the phone call about the RV from Hank, and he loses his shit.

First off, Walt should never have called Jesse’s phone – that was fucking retarded.  Then, he should have made sure to tell Badger or Clovis to tell Jesse what was up instead of basically telling Badger that Jesse could go fuck himself.  But of course, without that fatal mistake we never would have had the amazing fucking scene of Walt and Jesse trapped in the RV with Hank trying to get inside with a fucking tire iron.  Speaking of losing his shit, Hank truly is crossing the line legally in this scene – even if he’d caught Jesse and Walt, Saul probably could have gotten them off from all of Hank’s bullshit.

But luckily it doesn’t get to that, in part due to a quick thinking and level-headed shady junkyard guy (who could have been a defense lawyer if junking cars hadn’t called him) and also from Walt eventually getting his wits about him and doing like the commercial says: Better Call Saul.  Also, Jesse gets the second best line of the episode in this scene with “This is my domicile and I am being harassed, bitch!”  Saul has his secretary call Hank with news of Marie being in the hospital which sends him flying away from the scene before the warrant can arrive.  When he realizes he’s been duped, he is visibly crushed.  It’ll be interesting to see how he acts out from the failure of this case, the one thing he had going for him of late, next week.

Though really, Hank’s emotional state will most likely be the least of our worries next week because Gus has given the Cousins the greenlight on murdering the man.  Will Hank actually die?  I think it’s fairly possible.  I mean, Hank’s storyline has gotten arguably the most air time outside of Walt’s this season, and that has not been the case in the history of the show.  It’s a real possibility, and it would add all kinds of horrifying snarls to the story.  It would suck because Hank is fucking awesome, but Hank’s death would solve a lot of problems while piling on some new ones, and that’s what this show is about: out of the frying pan and into the fire.

To get back to the Cousins, they finally proved they’re not mutes this week.  Is that just because the writers couldn’t reasonably hold onto the affectation any longer, or was it thematic, like “the Cousins can no longer sit quietly and wait to get revenge” or some shit like that?  I’m glad they finally cleared up why they weren’t just killing Hank, but that explanation also lead to, you know, Hank possibly getting axed, so to speak. 

The other looming question is what the fuck Jesse is going to do now?  I mean, Hank is going to be up his ass from now on and he no longer has a lab.  Plus he’s gonna have to stay away from Walt (with whom he shared a moment of silence for the funeral of the RV – so many memories!), and without work, friends, or family Jesse could easily turn back to meth.  But like I said, if Hank dies then Jesse is free to take another stab at his three man mafia idea once again.

So yeah, fucking huge episode this week featuring one of my favorite suspense sequences to date and some major revelations going down.  It doesn’t get much more cliffhanger than the final scene – whoo fucking boy.  Plus we got some great comedic shit tonight, like the reveal of who called Hank, the apple-/ax- crunch moment in the cold open, Badger’s river dance, the law offices of junk & yard, the coffee scene, and the poor lady and her daughter asking if the Cousins are planning on leaving their table soon.  Goddamn, why isn’t it next Sunday already?

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

7 Replies to “Breaking Bad – “Sunset” – review”

  1. This is the first of your reviews that I’ve read and having gone back and skimmed the others from this season, you must have been stoked to see Badger back 😛 Then again, how can you not love a guy who compares the effect of Jesse’s meth in this episode to (IIRC) having his “brain boiled in… like anthrax… or something”?

    A friend of mine who usually has similar tastes to me quit Breaking Bad toward the end of season one because it’s “too depressing”. I disagree but season 3 has been pretty damn heavy so far. A lot of comparatively light-hearted moments in this episode though (comparatively being the operative word). I can’t wait for next week… as usual.

  2. If Hank gets killed off that is going to suck. Then again, if anyone can take on the Cousins, it would be Hank.