Justified – “Blind Spot” – review

justified blind spotAll I have to say about tonight’s episode is the following: Fucking finally.  Okay, I have more to say than that, but if you’ve been following my coverage over the last couple months (thanks to both of you, by the way), you know that this was the episode I’ve been waiting for.  This was some serialized shit, dear reader, and just when I was getting impatient with the show.  Doesn’t hurt either that “Blind Spot” was packed to fucking bursting with great scenes, starting with the hilarious opening hardware store  scene to the climactic first appearance of Bo Crowder (M.C. Gainey, known as Tom Friendly to Lost fans, “that guy who pops up in literally fucking everything” to everyone else).

So Ray and Ava are attacked in bed by a guy with a shotgun and terrible aim.  Dude gets away (following a fucking awesome action scene) and Ray and our old buddy Sheriff Hunter start looking for him, naturally assuming that it was one of the Crowders out to get Ava for killing one of their clan.  Hunter assures Ray that this shit is personal between him and the Crowders as well, seeing how “that one good Crowder” raped and murdered his niece eight years back and was never caught.  But it turns out that it’s the Miami Cartel that ordered the hit on Ray and that the niece murder was directly responsible for getting Sheriff Hunter in bed with the Cartel, not to mention the Crowders shoved out of the drug buiness.

I gotta say, it fucking bummed me right the fuck out that we most likely won’t get any more out of Hunter, a guy with a great delivery and a cool attitude.  Instead of having him arrested, I kind of wish the writers had found a way for Ray to catch Red and the hitman/aspiring writer and let Hunter live to scheme another day, but then again I actually for once really liked the (sorta) disposable arc of his story this episode, so I guess I’m not too busted up about it.  Oh, and just for shits and giggles, let the Nerd say that the guy who played the hitman (the great Ray McKinnon, the preacher from Deadwood) was in the new movie That Evening Sun, which Walton Goggins (Boyd Crowder) produced and appeared in.  It’s a kick-ass movie based on a story by the great William Gay that you should definitely check out toot-fucking-sweet.

But getting back to the shit that turned my crank so very fucking hard this episode, there was some great set-ups and teasing-outs of the season arc in “Blind Spot.”  Art blows the fuck up on Ray for getting caught fucking Ava, an action that will no doubt prick up the ears of DA Vasquez, a dude who already has enough shit to pile on Givens as it is.  Then there was the fucking awesome scene where Winona and Ava are made get to know each other a little better (between this scene and the opening hardware store scene, we got two great extremes of the “characters saying one thing but meaning another” dialogue dynamic this time out), a scene that I’m not sure how will pay off.  I mean, can Winona as a stenographer really pass that information on to the DA?  Would she be that mean about it, really?  Wouldn’t Vasquez figure it out regardless?

We also find out that Ray is refusing to hear Boyd out on his “pertinent information” regarding Arlo, and that Boyd is having trouble making friends in prison due to his rat-ifying to Raylan, and that his burly old man Bo is the only thing standing between him and a shiv.  That said, Bo is up for release real fucking soon, so is Boyd really a religious nut snitching to cleanse his soul, or does he have some info that could change his permanent address sometime soon?

On the straight-up fun shit side there was also some great action sequences (the wrist break was fucking nasty awesomeness) and countless great lines (Ava offering to pay for Danny’s equipment, and hell, give him her address while she’s at it was fucking priceless), but obviously what made me happiest is that the writers finally gave us a satisfying one episode storyline that actually affected the arc of the season.  It was the first time in the series that you had to have seen the show before to appreciate damn near any of it.  If they keep that type of shit coming, the Nerd will guaranteed keep on coming back.  Bring on Bo Crowder!

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

5 Replies to “Justified – “Blind Spot” – review”

  1. u R a fucking idiot but i could not for the life of me think of the actor that played BO Crowder so thanks for that bit of info

  2. Does anyone know who sang the song at the beginning of this episode 7,
    I think it contained some of the words” about the devil”?

  3. This is the best single episode of almost any series show I can think of.