Turf issue #1 by Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards – review

Turf is a four issue mini-series from Image. It takes a mash-up approach blending together at least three distinct story elements.

The mixing up the stories of gangsters and vampires in Prohibition era New York is an intriguing premise to tell the truth and largely works. The vampire clan being treated as another underworld family to be dealt with is understated and draws more power because of it. There is a fresh twist to the gangland assault that acts as the framing device for the first issue simply because the vampires abilities are something that we really haven’t seen in this type of story before and they are employed with a deft hand.

It’s the third story element that has me scratching my head. Aliens. Thrown into this mix of warring families, half way through the issue is a one page scene of aliens having a spaceship fight and one is hit bad enough that it has to crash land in NY.

I think that this element ultimately will integrate in a fun way into the larger story as the arc unfolds but as far as reading only one issue it’s a little jarring and feels out of place. At first I thought the space scene was an advertisement for something else. That’s how out place it feels. But like I said I’m reserving judgment.

In terms of the story you get a lot of bang for your buck. Time moves, things happen, characters talk and interact and by the end you have been given a lot of story. It provides for a much denser and richer reading experience.

Bottom line is that it is a lot of pulp fun and I look forward to reading the rest of the arc.

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Brian Lindenmuth

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