Justified – “Veterans” – Review

Another damn fine episode of Justified, this time seeming to address practically every damn storyline we’ve seen to date.  As an added bonus, there was no time-wasting disposable US Marshal’s office case to be seen for miles in any fucking direction.  You better believe a big ol’ dumbass grin did not leave my face all hour, dear reader.

Turns out that Bo Crowder is getting all kinds of new business opportunities in the wake of Boyd blowing up the meth shack last week.  Bo drops by Boyd’s cult compound and gives him his cut, an offer that takes some arm twisting for Boyd to accept.  Seems folks in Harlan are assuming Boyd’s actions were on behalf of Bo, but nothing could be further from the god’s fucking honest.  Boyd really seems to believe his own bullshit – and you better believe his flock do too.  When Raylan brings them in, not a one wants to say boo about Boyd, the glaze of the devout clouding their eyes all the while.  We’ll see what Boyd’s divine plan involving the arms stockpile and bazooka will yield next week.

Bo had fingers in a couple other pies this week as well, as it turns out that Arlo was in charge of collections and protection while Bo was away in the can.  Thing is, Arlo blew it and he’s got nothing to pay Bo off with as penance for his failure to earn (Arlo working with Bo is the pay-off for that cliffhanger ending we had weeks and weeks back where Boyd said behind bars to Raylan that he had some good shit on Arlo).  Bo gives him an impossible deadline for paying him back, and Arlo’s wife says they either have to leave town tonight of kill Bo Crowder.  Arlo chooses at the end of the episode to go to Raylan for help.

This whole season has often been about the “we’re not so different you and I” shit betwen Raylan and Boyd.  They were friends with similar corrupt upbringings, both men who have to fight to keep their inner violence from getting away from them.  “Veterans” managed to really draw out how similar their fathers are, both Arlo and Bo being bad men who are disappointed with their sons’ lifestyle choices.  The fact that both Arlo and Bo are in a dispute and Raylan and Boyd are locking horns is yet another parallel.

The third pie where you can find one of Bo’s digits is in Ava (see what I did there?  On account of that scene between Bo and Ava a while back?  Yeah, I’m hilarious).  He’s got his new sex offender right hand man tailing her, but she could give a shit, hanging out getting shit-faced back in Harlan like old times.  Raylan beats down her tail and takes his gun before dragging her drunk ass over to Winona’s for the night (who was looking awful hot in the earlier “thanks about getting my husband out of a jam scene,” and definitely coming on to Raylan).  Raylan also finds out that Arlo and Ava’s dead husband were partners in taking care of Bo’s business while he was locked away.  She was too drunk to explain why she kept mum on that shit to Raylan in this episode, but it’ll be interesting find out what the secrecy was for in a later episode.

That seems to be most of it, dear reader.  We had shit featuring Bo, Boyd, and Arlo on the crime front (even got a great quick appearance from one of my favorite characters, the now-incarcerated Sheriff Hunter), plus Ava and Winona being thrown together by Raylan in the personal life arena.  And Gutterson showed up drunk for a second – been a while since that dude had shit to do, right?  Just two more episodes left this season, and the table is set for some huge shit going down (wait, taking a shit on a table?  My metaphors are all over the place).  I’m getting more and more confident each passing week that Justified will continue to deliver like fucking gangbusters from here on out.  Fingers crossed, right?

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

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