Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay – review

June 5, 2010

Never look away Linwood BarclayIn this completely engrossing suspense novel, David Harwood is a reporter for the local [and only] paper in his home town north of Albany, New York, the Promise Falls Standard. These are difficult times in the newspaper publishing industry, as David is well aware. His opposition on a sensitive political issue dealing with local corruption makes him some dangerous enemies, and creates pressure for him to find some hard evidence before his bosses will let his story run, and it becomes a matter of principles vs. the bottom line. The author’s 30 years in the newspaper business lend an unmistakable authenticity to the tale.

In his late 30’s, married for five years and with a four-year-old son, Ethan, David and his wife decide to spend a warm August Saturday afternoon in a nearby amusement park. When Ethan seems to vanish, and the public relations people want to squelch any widespread dissemination of the incident, David reflects upon what is possibly [or not] an urban legend, in which small children are kidnapped at theme parks but news of which never makes it into the media because the park owners want no bad publicity. But things only go from bad to worse as the tale evolves, with stunning twists and turns, and the reader kept slightly off balance throughout.

No further details can be given, for fear of spoilers, but rest assured that this is one terrific read, and is highly recommended.

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