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August 2, 2010

Spinetingler pulls together some links of what’s happening elsewhere around the community.

Check them out after the jump.

-Lynn Kostoff and Charlie Stella interview each other at Crime Culture:

In the early stages, I saw the characters simply as a group of people who each badly wanted something, and the contradictions weren’t planned out. They arose when the personalities and agendas of the characters collided. I tried to nudge and focus the contradictions more dramatically in each subsequent draft. The more the characters interacted and bounced off each other, the more they stayed true to who and what they were, and that’s what finally opened up the contradictions in them and hopefully made the characters more complex and human for readers.

-Tyrus Books’s Alison Janssen tells us how they came to publish Lynn Kostoff’s Late Rain

-Crimefactory #4 is live with new fiction from Allan Guthrie, Scott Wolven, Kieran Shea, Brian Murphy, Michael Gonzales, Graham Powell.

-Allan Guthrie has a new novella out now, available as an e-book, called Bye Bye Baby. For ordering info go here.

When a seven-year-old boy disappears after school, the case is handed to Detective Frank Collins. He’s been looking to lead a high-profile case for a while, and sets out determined to prove his worth. But the missing schoolboy is only a trigger for another crime. Someone is intent on exploiting the boy’s grief-stricken mother. And they have plans for Frank Collins too.

-The 2010 Crimespree Award nominees have been announce.

-It’s Steve Mosby week!

Jack Taylor item has been given its own post.

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