Book title story – crime epic

I’ve been piecing a grand crime epic together for about a week now about a group of criminals who rob a bank then it goes bad–real bad. Some of the other book title stories that were submitted used many more books that my original offerings did so I took it as a challenge and wanted to try and out do them.

It’s a story that needs punctuation and paragraphs because it has a prologue, an epilogue, a sub-plot and two settings with a bunch of characters. Because of this I transcribed the story. The first picture is the title of the story.

Hopefully it works because I had fun doing it.

The Night of the Gun

The Real Cool Killers. Mad Dogs, Lunatics, Outlaws. The Score? Fifty Grand.

“The Here’s a Stickup!” Chaos, People Die. A Not So Perfect Crime. “Drive”!

Kickback. David’s Revenge. The Confession. The Heat’s On.

Back to Brooklyn, Clandestine, The Bridge.

The Insult, “Snitch Jacket!” “Liar!”

Knife Music, Dead Deceiver.

Head Games. Greed & Stuff. “Mine All Mine!” Zero Cool. Pandemonium. Push Comes to Shove. The Panic Hand…Bang Bang! Billy Dead. The Rip-Off, 13 Bullets…Skippy Dies.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle? Dead Boys. Laughin’ Boy, Baby Shark? Gone. The Wheelman? Damn Near Dead. Giveadamn Brown? Shot to Death. Charlie Opera? All Shot Up.

Big City Bad Blood. The Last Days of American Crime. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.

After the jump check out the pictures of the book story title crime epic.

book title story 1

book title story 2

book title story 3

book title story 4

book title story 5

book title story 6

book title story 7

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