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I remember a few years back reading a piece online that said we needed a PI show, that the time was right. Flash forward a couple of years as word spreads like wildfire through the online mystery and crime community about a rumor that one of the networks was remaking The Rockford Files. Then the instant outrage when they turned out to be true. We all knew this was a terrible idea but the suits don’t listen to us and they went ahead and shot the pilot and the thing blew so bad that the network didn’t pick it up. We tried not to say we told you so except then we did.

At its core it was a sound idea wrapped in a shit idea. Jim Rockford was a great character as inhabited by James Garner and for anyone else to try and fill his shoes, or even worse **shudders** to try and replicate him just wasn’t going to work. But to take some of the qualities that we loved about Jim Rockford, which made him a great character; to take the type of PI he was in general and create a whole new character? This is a brilliant idea. Terriers is our Rockford Files and Hank Dolworth is our Jim Rockford. Except he’s not because he’s his own man — a fully developed character that will make you laugh and make you cry, sometimes all in the same scene. But if Jim Rockford and Hank met they’d have a few drinks together that’s for damn sure.

Most consumers of media want things that are easily definable and that are easy to get a handle on. Except the best examples often aren’t. The teasers for Terriers left no impression of what the show was and the early episodes didn’t clue the viewer in to just how much it was going to open up and unfold. This was never a show that was going to come out of the gate with blockbuster numbers. This is a show that people will see; will be converted to; and will become evangelical about. But I’m from Baltimore so I know all about those types of shows right? That’s what Spinetingler wants to do today. To yell about, pimp, hype, tout and bark about Terriers. We’ve invited some friends to participate and throughout the day they will step up to the barkers block, grab the bull horn and entice you with what is the best show you aren’t watching.

So step right up…!

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Brian Lindenmuth

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