Boardwalk Empire “Paris Green” – review

boardwalk EmpireReview by Mike Dennis

You give women the right to vote and next thing you know, they’re giving you all kinds of lip. They’re even like, implying that they should have some say in whether or not they get pregnant. Geez, what’s a guy to do?

According to Eli, that’s what your fists are for. But he’s got a big surprise waiting for him. And so does Deputy Halloran.

Nucky is certainly up against it here with Margaret. She’s really feeling her feminist oats, now that the suffrage amendment has passed. It’s getting so she doesn’t appreciate all he’s done for her, especially after seeing him take a raincheck on a proposition from Annabelle, her “concubine” friend. I mean, he was just being friendly, right? They’re old friends, right? What’s the harm?

I don’t want to see this show get too deep into post-1970 thought, because then we begin the deadly veer into political correctness and preachy bullshit. And if there’s anything Boardwalk Empire has taught us over this season, it’s that political correctness had absolutely no place in 1920 Atlantic City. Margaret already gave a yawn-inducing speech about women’s rights a few episodes back, and believe me, that went a very long way. Unfortunately, I can just see the writers chomping at the bit to endlessly mewl about sexism, racism, and every other ism of the last forty years, trying to inject it into this very different era.

I beg them to restrain themselves. Leave the preaching for Law And Order and all these other pedestrian formula TV shows.

Anyway, the D’Alessio brothers are still a thorn in Nucky’s side and he wants them dead. Jimmy is handling it. Richard “Half-Face” Harrow reports that their mother, sister, and brother lead straight lives in Philadelphia. He offers–quite coolly, I might add–to go kill them to bring the brothers out into the open.

The Commodore, who is revealed to be–well, never mind–has a near-death experience, and it turns out someone had poisoned him. Who could it be?

Agent Van Alden is looking more and more like a future suicide case. He becomes more unspooled with every scene he’s in. I’m beginning to wish he would go away.

Angela Darmody gets the wind taken out of her sails, while Arnold Rothstein fears he will be nailed for fixing the 1919 World Series. Angela wants to go to Paris and AR, who hates to leave New York, reluctantly goes to Chicago. And we all know who lives there.

I’m not sure how many more episodes remain for this first season, but it can’t be more than two. It might even be only one. This episode seemed to slow everything down, but let’s hope they get back up to speed next week.

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