Justified – “The I of the Storm” – review

Boyd had to deal with a whole lotta shit this week.  He’s trying to keep his head down in the mines but some fanboy supremacists keep trying to bend his ear on some scam their working.  He thinks he and Ava are doing as well as can be expected but it looks like she’d throw his bags on the lawn if Raylan even thought about coming back to her.  The only harm he does all week is drink a couple bourbons in a dry county yet Raylan seems to think he’s behind the Dixieland Mafia oxycontin bus hold up that resulted in one piece of shit deader than shit.

Yet despite all this unwarranted aggravation Boyd still does the right thing in the end, calling Raylan to give up Dewey Crowe before the dumbass gets himself killed, even telling Raylan on the phone that he never thought growing up that he’d end up the type that drops a dime on a fellow outlaw.  But before you start thinking that maybe Boyd could make the straight life work for him he goes and blows up on one of the supremacist fanboys, dragging him alongside his pickup for a good piece before letting him go flying.  Right afterward he’s horrified that he might have killed the guy, but for a moment there he truly let the beast within rear its head, the violence and outlaw spirit within fully unleashed after being snugly tamped down these last few weeks.  As ever, Boyd’s journey remains the most compelling in the show and no doubt the most unpredictable.

This week we found that despite Raylan and Winona’s best efforts to keep their affair under wraps, now Tim and Art at the office know of their relationship – and who knows who they’ve told about it.  Both Raylan and Winona don’t really know what they’re doing together, with Winona seeming almost relunctant to name their fucking anything other than, well, fucking for fear that then it’ll go to shit just like their last go around did.  Raylan also seemed pretty flustered (rightfully so) by Ava’s moves in this episode but I hope they don’t fuck again.  I want Ava to remain in the show but as part of Boyd’s storyline, not the old love triangle from last season of Raylan, Ava and Winona. 

Aside from revealing that neither criminals nor cops believe Boyd has changed, the throwaway story (which revolved around the much missed Dewey Crowe) also shed some light on the innerworkings of Bennett family.  Seems Dickie put together the bus heist with only the simple-minded Coover privy to his dealings.  When Doyle has to clean up after his brothers in the form of shooting the two idiots they hired, he’s naturally pissed that they went behind his back.  When Doyle confronts them on the situation he threatens to tell Mama, which shuts them up real fast.  Looks like there’s very little organization to this family, backstabbing and cheating and just plain stupidity happening every time one of them turns around.  I like the Bennetts better every week.

So are those two clowns from the mine coming back in the future or were they there just to make Boyd boil over?  I kind of think they will return just because we never got a clear picture of what they were up to or what they wanted with Boyd.  If they’d just come out and said “We want you to pull a hijacking with us” or something like that and Boyd blew them off I’d probably believe they were gonna go away after this week but the mysteriousness of their plans makes them compelling.  Though at this point, as Boyd has just kicked the one guy’s ass, they might not show up to do anything again other than to try and get revenge against Boyd, not recruit him.  But then again, I’ve been wrong plenty of times before with this show…

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

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