Justified – “For Blood or Money” – review

Definite blue-baller of an episode this week, dear readers, what with the larger story arcs basically just hanging there, begging for relief, while while the throw-away story got dealt with.  (Yeah, I took that one too far – and right off the bat, too!)  Granted, the one-and-done story did fill in some backstory on Rachel, a ridiculously under-used character, so there was a little heft to its significance but not much, really.  It was nice to see Larenz Tate (O-Dog from Menace II Society) pop up and do some reliably solid work, but he can do the “well-intentioned and sympathetic guy who is constantly fucking up” character in his sleep.  What stuck out in his story was the very funny shit about Flex the magician, the insanely brutal beatdown Tate gave his house manager (who was fucking fine for some reason after getting clocked with a phone, like, a million fucking times), and the revelation that Rachel had never killed before.  Personally, the Nerd doesn’t think any of the characters from Rachel’s family will be returning any time soon, but (here comes the segue!) I’m awfully fucking happy that Wynn Duffy will be gracing the show with his presence soon enough.

The sadistic Duffy was easily one of the best bad guys of last season and with Coover and Dickie’s fuck-up last week against the Dixie Mafia of Frankfort, Raylan seems to think Duffy might come a-calling to Harlan toot-sweet.  You gotta love the opening where Raylan swings by the Bennetts’ place to drop off a pie and warn them that yes, he knows they were behind the bus hijacking and no, he can’t prove it but please, don’t start shit with the Dixie Mafia, thank you.  Naturally, this is the first Mags had heard of it and she was pretty pissed, cussing out her boys for going behind her back and possibly fucking up some big mysterious plans she has.

Speaking of mysterious plans (smooth segue yet again!), those bruisers from the mine that were trying to get Boyd to go in on  something with them apparently aren’t all that mad that he tried to kill one of them, even saying that the offer still stands.  Upon seeing the shady motherfuckers, Ava assures Boyd that she’ll kick him out if he does any nefarious shit and Boyd assures her that he has no intention of anything of the kind.  But that said, Boyd sure looked intrigued by the armored car robbery set up the guy mentioned at the end of the episode, especially the part about being made to look like a hero…

Gary was approached by Winona who tried to get some answers from him about him confronting Raylan about “getting her back” only to be blind-sided by Gary saying he wants a divorce.  Thing is, it’s a nice gesture in that that way she doesn’t have to go down with their failing house (the big one that she wanted, Winona notes), which Raylan claims is a classic move to make her feel guilty enough not to actually divorce him.  (Their conversation was particularly nicely handled this week, with Raylan apologizing in advance and generally tripping all over himself.)  Gary’s appearance also makes me fairly certain that the writers are setting him up for some more interaction with Arnett and Duffy in the coming weeks though in what kind of capacity the Nerd has no fucking idea.

So yeah, basically we just kind of hung out this week waiting for some fucking shoes to start dropping.  It remains to be seen what Mags’ big plans are (and how much about them does Dewey know, as Art mentions in passing that he’s willing to talk), whether Boyd can manage to keep on the straight and narrow, and whether a war is going to break out in Harlan between the Bennetts and the Dixie mafia.  Then there’s the question of whether or not Coover and Dickie are stupid enough to go after Raylan despite the warnings of their brother and mother.  I guess that’s not much of a question so much as an inevitability, though…

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

One Reply to “Justified – “For Blood or Money” – review”

  1. Blue-baller is right on, NON. All that stuff simmering, my favorite being Boyd and the twinkle in his eye when the bruiser says he’ll be a hero.

    I think Ava’s gonna get in some serious trouble, Raylan will have to save her, and Winona will get pissed and back with Gary.