Justified – “Save My Love” – review

Apparently the Nerd was wrong as hell with his prediction that we wouldn’t see the aftereffects of Winona and Raylan’s illegal conduct for a while.  In fact, “Save My Love” picks up the morning after the fuckfest they had after Raylan bailed her out, with Winona jumping out of bed and checking the bills Raylan presented to her.  Turns out she suddenly remembered that the bill she brought to the bank had a torn corner and yep, none of those in hand are missing a corner. 

Cue the fucking opening credits.

It was a great opening that kicked off one of the strongest episodes of the already strong season, giving us a shootout-free, slamming-door-farce of a story full of gut-churning close calls that was set almost entirely in the courthouse building.  First we got Raylan attempting to find the marked bill before it turned up anywhere else only to have Tim Gutterson beat him to it, Raylan conceding to Winona that if anything, maybe she’ll just get a fine or something – what the hell, it’s only a hundred bucks, right?  Then she lays her cards down on the table, cards that take the pot of over $200k, apparently.  Things being a bit more serious now, Raylan further gets involved in shit that could get him felony time along with his ridiculously erratic ex-wife.  (Can you get conjugals if you’re both locked up?)

Shit was more like Breaking Bad than business as usual this week, with Raylan and Winona having near-miss after close-call at the courthouse, all while trying to keep cool in front of their friends and colleagues.  Speaking of cool, the great Stephen Root is back as Judge Reardon, keeping properly ventilated under his robes as ever.  We found him presiding over a heated case against the mine Boyd is employed by, only now Boyd is working for them as security, not labor.  Yes, even Boyd showed up at the courthouse in “Save My Love,” acting as bodyguard to mine VP Carol Johnson (who really fucking brought the sexy toughness we expect from an Elmore Leonard female character), Boyd even schooling Raylan on how to sweep for an explosive device, in a charmingly polite manner, of course.

Naturally, Boyd’s arc being what it is, this new gig is certainly not free of the moral quandaries he’s faced as of late.  First, the mine has fucked his people for decades, the most recent example being the case he’s helping, well, de-bomb, if you’ll allow the Nerd to make up words.  Then, at the end of the episode, Johnson comes right out and says that she wants Boyd on the payroll mainly to deal with some pesky motherfuckers who’ve been stirring shit up for them known as the Bennetts.  So now we’re moving ever closer to finding out what the Bennetts are up to, and apparently it involves pissing off the mine.  Will Boyd be able to go through with fucking over some good old homegrown Harlan folks, nasty bastards though they may be?

Far as moral issues for the other half of the show’s two-man “great romance” go (that was a fantastic moment when Johnson dropped that observation on the two boys), we find out that yes, Raylan is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Winona safe, crazy-ass hellcat though she may be.  You catch that little smile she gives at the end of the show when they have finally got away with putting the money back?  Yeah, I’m thinking she’s testing Raylan, seeing just what she can get him to do, maybe later seeing if he’ll do something illegal to get Gary out of her life as well.  I could be wrong, could be she was just touched by him going the distance for her, but my gut says she’s got other femme fatale shit up her sleeve.  (Another card metaphor for Winona, Nerd?  You’re fucking slipping, dude.)  Also, Raylan isn’t exactly free and clear either, with Art obviously thinking something’s up in that last scene as well.  It might just be the Nerd entering Raylan’s paranoid headspace, but I think Rachel and Tim know something’s fucked up with their pard as well.

That’s about all that’s on the Nerd’s mind this week, other than excitement for the return of the supremely creepy Wynn Duffy!  Gary has the balls to meet with Duffy (who partially blames Gary for the loss of 18 inches of his intestine last time they had business together) to discuss that horse we found out about last week that he mortgaged the house on.  So we’ve got Boyd directly fucking with the Bennetts now, hopefully definitive info on what the Bennetts are up to, the return of Wynn Duffy, and the normally unflappable Raylan fucking up over his feelings for Winona all coming at us in the near future of the show.

Yeah, I guess you could say I’m pretty fucking pumped.

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

3 Replies to “Justified – “Save My Love” – review”

  1. Well said.

    It was extremely discomforting to see Raylan so Off-His-Game during this episode. Something will have to give–for better or for ill–thanks to his Winona-inspired transgressions. How that plays out will be interesting (and discomforting) to bear witness to.

    Fantastic show all around.

  2. This show just keeps getting better and better. I was still reeling from the revelations on Tuesday’s episode of The Good Wife when “Save My Love” virtually was a smack upside the head with a telephone book (what an image, by the way!).

    Just an all-around terrific episode!!! Great review, Nerd!