Justified – “The Spoil” – review

Goddamn am I ever fucking jacked up right now, dear reader. I mean, I don’t know about you but it’s teaser endings like that that make me wish I was a patient motherfucker who could wait for this shit to hit DVD. Just imagine, watching a blue-baller like the very fine “The Spoil” then having that ending coming up, and instead of a whole fucking week being in the way of some answers you only have a trip to the crapper or a disc change in front of you – that’d be sweet, right? But we shouldn’t shit on watching shows as they air, on account of it’s people like us who earned Justified a third season while good shows like Terriers and “good enough” shows like Lights Out barely got one season on FX. But enough of this bitching and back-patting, let’s get to the meat and/or potatoes of “The Spoil.”

Coming off last week where he got into some truly questionable moral and legal shit, we find Raylan downing a fifth of Beam and hitting some balls at the batting cage. (Raylan’s baseball past also comes up later in the episode in his breakdown of the sordid history between the Givenses and the Bennetts he gives to Carol Johnson, another very good scene.) Art tracks him down by tracing his cell phone (a truly sketchy level of “keeping tabs” on his team) and tells him that he is to pal around with VP of Black Pike Mining Carol Johnson the next morning. Though he never says as much, the scene solidifies Raylan’s suspicions that Art knows he’s not on the up and up anymore. (Loved the teenager admonishing Raylan and Art for not following the rules, perfectly underlining the scene.)

The next day we see a very uncool version of Raylan, feeling hungover and ornery and mad at himself for not just breaking the law recently but for betraying his people by protecting the enemy. (Though she’s admittedly a sexy, charming and, um, willing enemy, to be sure.) We even see Raylan get the shit kicked out of him by Coover who, after Ma took a fucking ball peen to his knucks, had one hand tied behind his back, if you will. Also in some questionable territory this week was Boyd, also working with the enemy but without the “on the side of the law” excuse that Raylan can mildly console himself with. As Raylan did, Boyd also got his ass kicked by Coover, him and Dickie figuring on siccing a badger on him until Ava blew the fucker in half. Basically, our boys were humbled and conflicted this week something fierce, their lives and paths and struggles becoming more similar, if not bizarro fucking reflective, episode by episode.

But ultimately this was an appetizer of an episode, the showdown portion of the show started by the two crazies from last week who want to assassinate Carol Johnson opening fire on Arlo’s house. Raylan got some masculine redemption by foiling that attempt (the writers possibly pulling a page from the sniper scene in Full Metal Jacket with the female shooter reveal) but who really gives a shit about those goofball blip on the radar baddies? (Though they could be in cahoots with the Bennetts scheme somehow, I suppose…) No, what we’re all waiting for is to find out what the Bennetts are up to, and with Raylan’s aunt giving him back the twenty K to butt out, Boyd teasing that he figured it out to Ava, and Raylan and Carol shown heading off to the “whooptedoo” at the Bennetts place for some answers, looks like next week it’ll all be laid out on the table.

Please sweet fucking Christ let the Nerd be right for once!

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

8 Replies to “Justified – “The Spoil” – review”

  1. That freaking Coover better his comeupance next week. I want serious payback for that beating Raylan took. Sorry to hear that was a dog in the bag, though. I hoped it was some pet weasel or skunk.

  2. According to the show’s writers, it’s supposed to be a badger in the bag, not a dog.

  3. I wish I would have done coverage of Lights Out (and Terriers, for that matter) because while I enjoyed the show and found it to be very much worth watching, I took issue with a lot of aspects of the show. Would have been fun to cover and get into the meat of it but too late now.

  4. Here’s a question regarding FX dramas: why does every opening credits theme song other than Terriers have to be so punishingly lame? Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Lights Out – fucking turds all. Never seen Damages so I can’t yea or nay that shit.

  5. I think I’m the only one that noticed that just as Raylan was about to turn the asskicking around on Coover, Loretta walks through the door. You see Raylan pause for a second and then take the asswhooping. It seemed obvious to me that he just didn’t want to lose Loretta’s trust in him, especially as he’s her only (albeit tenuous) link to the “good side.”