Blood Crimes: Book One by Dave Zeltserman – review

Blood Crimes dave zeltsermanGrab your e-book reader of choice, and hold on tight, because Dave Zeltserman has started a vampire series that will knock your socks off, and suck the blood right out of you.

This book has movie written all over it. It’s opening scene is of the protagonist Jim and his girl Carol on the run, driving down the highway jamming to The Doors’ Riders On The Storm.

Needing blood, Jim travels around the country feeding off of low lives, women abusers, and drug dealers.

He’s being chased by Serena, a sex crazed lady that infected Jim, and wants to keep him under her control. She’s also hired a PI, that’s tailing him, not mention an ex CIA Op turned mad scientist ,who wants to use Jim as a Guinea pig in his underground laboratory.

Mix in an angry biker gang, lots of guns, and samurai sword fights, and you’ll start to understand what makes Blood Crimes such a great opener to what I hope will be a great series.

Zeltserman holds nothing back with this book. Full throttle all the way. Very bloody. Very noir. I can’t wait for the sequel to drop. Highly recommended.

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