Justified – “Debts and Accounts” – review

After an action-packed episode last week we now find that in the aftermath of Coover’s death damn near all our characters are either about to embark on a different path or are making moves down that new road already.  The episode opens with Raylan confronting Art about what “didn’t happen” in the evidence locker with Art giving him the disappointed dad dressing down (that’s a whole lotta D’s) of his career.  Then he has it out with Winona who is going through with her divorce, eventually coming to the conclusion that it’s not his inner-outlaw that made him jeopardize his job but his love for his ex-wife.  With Winona leaving her marriage and him on the outs with his boss, the two agree that they should try again, that they should go to Glencoe and live the simple life away from Lexington and Harlan and all the trouble and history found there.  But not before Raylan finds out who the nasty motherfuckers in the fancy car are working for and why said bossman want them dead…

Though she’s naturally going to be the prime suspect next week, it most likely isn’t Mags as she is in mourning and wants the Givens-Bennett feud to end with the blood on Raylan’s hands.  We find her making all kinds of changes in the Bennett family, first squaring things with Helen Givens then giving Dickie the pot growing business before shunning him for going against the family and giving up his brother to Raylan.  (I was hoping that shit would pay off!)  We also see that the Bennett name doesn’t mean shit in Harlan anymore as they’ve sold out the town to Black Pike (something I hadn’t thought of in the slightest that makes perfect fucking sense), meaning that she and Doyle will probably pack up the tent and find another site once they get their pay day.  The final provision of Mags’ settling of her “debts and accounts” is handing over all her non-weed-related criminal business over to Boyd for his part in the negotiations last week.

Where Raylan had decided his brush with lawlessness was a fluke, Boyd has apparently come to the conclusion that his time in the straight world was the exception that proves the fucking rule.  We first see him leaving Ava as per their agreement that he would be good while under her roof, Boyd knowing that what he’s about to do from here on out is a far fucking cry from good.  Then he goes to see his estranged, wheelchair-bound cousin Johnny Crowder (one of my favorite characters from the previous season) and brings him on board for getting the band back together.  (“Well, Johnny, I wasn’t ready to start this show, but since you already pulled back the curtain, kindly do what this man asks!”)  Then at the end of the episode Boyd goes back to Ava to find that, indeed, she is okay with his wild side after all, letting Boyd have his cake and eat every last sexy fucking crumb of it too.

Dickie Bennett showed us he’s not about to take his mother’s new arrangement with Boyd sitting down, even getting one of his flunkies on signed upfor challenging Boyd’s new found authority.  His mother also forbade him from continuing the blood feud with Givens but he’s never been one to listen very well so we’ll see how that goes as well.  After last week’s mommy issues thread with both Coover and Dickie I’m awful interested to see how bad Dickie bites back against her new arrangements.

So the mystery for next week is obviously, “Who put the hit out on Raylan?”  If I had to guess I’d say it has something to do with Wynn Duffy and the Frankfort boys going after Winona and Gary more than anything (based on the snazzy car and the look of the thugs alone) but we’ll see.  Any other likely guesses, Justifans?  Also, was *that* the last we’ll see of Loretta and she’ll settle down with her new foster family (apparently the system moves super fucking fast in Kentucky…) or do you figure she’ll come up again later in the season?

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