Justified – “Reckoning” – review

The way shit was winding down towards the end of “The Reckoning” I was starting to think that maybe I miscounted how many episodes we’d been through.  The funeral service montage started going down (loved the shot where Winona noticed Raylan’s grave marker was all set and ready for his final rest, making their future away from the place where he was born and is planning on dying in seem naive) and I was like, huh, that’s the end of that?  Okay, fair enough.  But then, thankfully, they got me with that last twist and set up what will, here’s hoping, be a huge season finale episode next week.

Raylan found himself the victim of misinformation from both his family and friends in “Reckoning,” starting with Arlo letting his son believe that Helen’s death was the result of Dickie getting payback for Coover’s death as opposed to payback over Boyd’s gang taking over his weed business.  When Raylan finds out the truth he is naturally pretty fucking pissed, slapping his old man around and confronting Boyd only to have guns drawn on him.  (Loved the line from Boyd, “Raylan, I know you and Ava have history, and you might assume that that familiarity gives you a certain license.  Well it don’t.  Now twice you’ve disrespected her in my presence.  Don’t let it happen a third.”)  Thing is, if he had never found out the truth of the circumstances behind Helen’s death, I’ll bet Raylan would have actually killed Dicke back in the woods.

Speaking of Dickie (segue!), he showed some initiative this episode, didn’t he?  The way he set up the scheme to pin the murder on Jed was pretty badass, even made mom and bro proud of him and ready to help him carry it out.  Naturally, Raylan foiled it in the nick of time but still, he’s got an okay criminal head on his shoulders, to be sure.

Naturally, the queen of deviousness remains Ma Bennett, who was able to keep her son and her deal with Black Pike with merely a word of warning delivered to Jed via a harmless-looking old lady, forcing Jed to take the fall for Helen’s murder and immediately getting Dickie back to the bosom of his family.  The contemplative and depressed Ma who took the abuse of the townspeople, the one who was tired of the violence, the one who was immobilized by the death of her son, that Ma left this episode and was replaced by the spitfire hellcat we knew before.  She accepted, like Boyd before her, that she is what she is and no amount of suburban living was about to change that.  So hell, why not get their territory back from Boyd and while we’re at it, finish the Bennett- Givens feud once and for all?  Damn, I cannot fucking wait for next week’s episode, hoo-fucking-boy!

But before I go, there were some interesting callbacks I thought I’d remark upon, first being Loretta popping up.  We watched her look bored as shit in her new home and tell her new guardian how she used to deal weed for fun back in the day, but then new mom seemed pretty swell and real about making a go of it with her so who knows, maybe she reached her.  Think we’re done with Loretta yet?  I keep assuming so but then she keeps showing up again.  I don’t think Ma would kidnap her or anything because she knows well enough that Loretta would have a helluva time forgiving her for killing her old man but hell, I don’t fucking know.

But the other callback might have been my favorite part of the episode, that being the hooker in the trailer from the episode where Doyle had to kill Dickie’s two dumbass accomplices from the bus heist.  When Raylan’s pumping her for information (But hopefully not looking like a “two-pump chump,” at the same time) she’s high off her ass and then says a great line, perfectly delivered, “You know, I woke up this morning and I thought I had problems, you know, I couldn’t pay my rent, I had a sick dog, and I can’t find a man to save my life but you, you’re gonna solve all my problems because if I just tell you about Dickie Bennett he’s gonna come and he’s gonna kill me.”  God, did I fucking laugh at that.  Anyway, see you next week for the final week of Justified coverage in 2011!

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

2 Replies to “Justified – “Reckoning” – review”

  1. I too can’t wait to see how this players out. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Loretta.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if Loretta pulls the final trigger of the 2011 season.