2011 music – What I’ve been listening to

Thought I’d change things up a bit. When the weather gets warmer I always wind up sharing my music with the neighbors because the windows are open. So I’m opening Continue Reading →

Dust Devils by James Reasoner – review

James Reasoner’s Dust Devils opens with recently-outta-high-school Toby signing on as a ranch-hand for the middle-aged-but-still-smoking-hot Grace on her small farm.  She’s wary of the stranger at first, bringing him his meals to the guest house though otherwise steering clear.  But soon his manners and Continue Reading →

The Beloved Dead by Tony Hays – Review

“An Arthurian Mystery,” The Beloved Dead announces itself. What’s to explain? You all know the story of Arthur: Of how he was the lord of the Britons and became the…er…Rigotamos. Continue Reading →

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