Countdown To Breaking Bad

This weekend, there’s a reason to stay up late and make a date with your TV.

Breaking Bad returns.

To prepare, we’ve recently watched all of season three, over the course of just a few days. It’s like that blue meth Walt and Jesse are famous for cooking; once you start, you can’t stop.

Things look grim for Walt at the start of season three. Funny. In season one, you didn’t think it could get much worse. Walt had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and wasn’t expected to live long enough to see his second child be born. Overrun by medical bills and desperation, suddenly, using his skills as a scientist to make meth didn’t seem so bad. He was just in it for the quick buck.

But things soon got a lot messier, and Walt found himself wrapped up in violence, lies and deceit, living a double life. Add in the fact that his brother-in-law is a DEA agent, and you have the foundation for some excellent tension.

By the end of season two, the marriage is on the rocks. Skylar has wised up, and isn’t willing to turn a blind eye anymore, and Walt and Jesse are responsible for a horrific plane crash that’s killed a lot of people and left a lot of debris in its wake – including an eyeball in Walt’s pool.

One thing that struck me about season three – particularly after watching the episodes back to back – is how the writers continually turn up the tension and the pressure. We start with things simmering. It’s pretty bleak, but with each episode things get steadily worse for Walt. Even when they seem to be going well, there’s this ominous sense that it’s all about to come crashing down. By the time we were a few episodes in, the only word fitting at the end of an episode was a four-letter expletive.

The best way to prepare for the new season – short of re-watching season three – is to read Nerd’s recaps from last year.

No Mas
Caballo Sin Nombre
Green Light
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And check out the season 4 trailer here.

The comments are open. Predictions? I have to say, Skylar was at a risk of really irritating me early on. The hypocrisy was irritating, but now she has the potential of going full dark and proving herself to be an exceptional money launderer. Or blowing the whole thing to hell for Walt and the rest of the family. Should be interesting…

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Sandra Ruttan

Sandra Ruttan is the bestselling author of SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, HARVEST OF RUINS and The Nolan, Hart & Tain series. For more information, visit her website:

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About Sandra Ruttan

Sandra Ruttan is the bestselling author of SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, HARVEST OF RUINS and The Nolan, Hart & Tain series. For more information, visit her website:

5 Replies to “Countdown To Breaking Bad”

  1. Walt has steadily moved up in the drug trade. He started out with the bottom feeder network of Jessie’s, then he moved up a level when he started dealing with Tuco and finally he moved up to higher levels with Gus. Will he continue to ascend or will he start his fall. If he ascends then what’s next, working with the cartel or taking over an operation himself?

  2. Before season 4 closes, Walt is going to screw Marie. Alpha dog thing, and also something that sinks everything another level. Maybe not, but it’s pretty messed up, so I’m going with it.

    Bigger prediction: Walter, after sinking to his depths, begins moves toward a series redemption bringing down the entire operation from the inside. Moves that would make for a pretty bloody Season 5.

  3. I think what I’m most curious about is Hank, and what will happen to him. I mean, I like having it change up, where Hank won’t be breathing down Walt’s neck all the time now, but I’m curious about where they’ll take that part of the story.

  4. I think if you go with the redemption angle, Walter and Hank are going to help each other, bringing in the cartel storyline and Hank’s stature working outside the DEA. Hank is going to discover the affair with Marie, and the double cross will ensue.

    Hank, of course is going to be moving about on a Segway.

    I go full-measures with these predictions, but I’m further into season 5, so it’s likely all these characters are already dead and Skylar has already picked up an AK47. 🙂

  5. Changed my mind.
    The pieces are in place to go Shakespeare, so the dynamic that has always been going on between Walter, Hank, and Walter Jr. is primed to fuse tragedy.

    Season four will end with Walter Jr. being the last in the family to either break bad, or be faced with a life altering decision. At this point, the obvious thing , is that he learns about his father, feels betrayal in losing his hero, but then saves his life when faced with a Hank or Walter scenario.

    I’ve covered all my guesses now (for today), but with some regret, because I’ve tainted the prediction results by posting them here for the eyes of the show writers. Surely they cruise Spinetingler. You think?