Jesus Angel Garcia and Nik Korpon at Cyclops Books in Baltimore

Jesus Angel Garcia brought his traveling roadshow/revival to Cyclops Books in Baltimore last night along with Baltimore’s young noir son, Nik Korpon. The country mice of Spinetingler HQ headed downtown from the wilds of Northern Maryland to hitch their wagons up to the group for the night.

Cyclops is a book store, art gallery, performance space housed in an old Rite-Aid store. We got there about half an hour before things were scheduled to start and within 3 minutes of walking though the front door we starting sweating. Because there was no air. None. With time to spare we did what any self-respecting book nerds do, we wandered the perimeter of the store and looked at the books.

After losing 17% of our combined body weights in water we decided to to walk across the street to McDonalds and partake in a cool beverage because the idea of complimentary Jim Beam shots and cans of Natty Boh didn’t appeal at that moment.

Fourteen large cups of Coke later we were sufficiently hydrated enough to back sass a free man and enter the box….I mean Cyclops.

We met Nik around this time. It’s always good to finally meet someone with whom you’ve communicated, interacted with a lot online and published (obligatory Speedloader plug!!!!!1!!). Nik was great and hopefully we will get to hang again sometime soon.

Let the festivities to begin.

Who is this madman running around the place? Like a fuzzy Bigfoot photo this pictures proves to the world that Jesus Angel Garcia exists.

fuzzy madman

By the small stage area there was a screen set up with videos of Burlesque dancers playing. One of whom had a strong local connection. This is the video that played.

And here is part of the good reverend preachifying, live and in living color.

Then Adam Robinson and Stephanie Barber did this:

At this Jesus’s revival there were more spirits floating around then the holy one. The playful spirit of Phoebe Buffay entered into the festivities and took over the bodies of Adam and Stephanie with what will be known by me forever as Smelly Cat redux. Check it out.

The good rev leapt onstage and had a couple of words about the uke set before introducing Nik Korpon.

Nik Korpon read from his Baltimore based crime novella, Old Ghosts.

After Nik read we stepped outside to cool off because some air is better then no air. Sandra and I went up the street to get our copies of Stay God and badbadbad for Jesus and Nik to sign.

Nik Korpon signing Stay God

This next part is going to have to be anecdotal, with my perfect 20/20 hindsight I know now that I should have recorded it but I didn’t. Jesus came out side to join us and while signing my copy of badbadbad I asked him a simple question (that led to him making the connection of who Sandra and I were). A question that launched a tirade of epic, street corner preacher proportions that had us dying because it was so funny. The question? “What did you think of the Nerd of Noir’s review?”

The answer? “Oh fuck the nerd”. He then went on about Nerd just not getting the book and wanting it to be something that it wasn’t and assumptions made about the book because of the publisher.

The tirade was funny and Nerd, don’t be offended. I get the sense that Jesus would actually like to have a dialog about the book, your take on it and the review. Let me know and I’ll make it happen.

We went back inside and were treated to some music from the badbadbad experience.

The finale of the night was Jesus Angel Garcia’s roaming the crowd while singing “In Love with the Reverend’s Wife” which I was only able to catch part of on video because my phone melted from the heat.

Thanks to Jesus Angel Garcia for a hell of a night, Sandra and I left the building last night washed in the badbadbad blood of his pulp revival. Thanks to Nik Korpon, he’s one to watch and you’ll want to get hip to him now. Thanks to Ferg for coming down all the way from NJ. Thanks to everyone who made it.

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