Chance the Dick by Paul Tremblay from Warmed & Bound – review

reviewed by Jed Ayres

Warmed and BoundPaul Tremblay’s name is one that’s been on my list to catch up with for about a year. I’ve had enough personal recommendations from people I trust to warrant digging in, so I was happy to actually be assigned one of his stories for this project. I had no idea what to expect.

I still don’t.

Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I’d say it was over my head. Not giving it that…

Liked the premise – woman consults a private detective to find out how/why her left-hand fingers were stolen (and where they went) and who’s fingers she now has on her hand.

But, jeez, there’s a lot of point-of-view switching and time-line-perspective changing that just confused me.

Defeated me.

I gave it a few read-throughs, but yeah, never had the whole thing jump up at me like one of those 3-D pictures that you have to let your eyes unfocus to see.

I get the feeling that there was one of those illusions hidden in there and I missed it.

Yup. I got nothin.

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2 Replies to “Chance the Dick by Paul Tremblay from Warmed & Bound – review”

  1. After you read The Little Sleep, you’ll appreciate this story more, I think. I loved the metafiction, de-/construction aspect as he’s writing the story. Might not work quite as well as a standalone, though. Pick up the the Genevich books and you’ll be hooked.