Touch by Pela Via from Warmed & Bound – review

reviewed by Patti Abbott

Warmed and Bound

Pela Via is the editor of the collection “Warmed and Bound” (Velvet Press) and she manages to come up with a story that is lovely, unexpected, and poignant. She defies the expectations we have about the nature of the piece in a subtle and graceful way. This story becomes a journey, but one we hope not to take.

It begins with the sensuality the title of both the collection and the the story promises: a man and a woman are in bed. Nearly every paragraph that follows reverberates with “touching” in both subtle and overt ways.

-“We can just touch.”

-I….bit your forefinger.

-Cheek smashed against my skin.

-A part of us I could no longer touch.

-He threw himself on you, bouncing and twisting.

But slowly the sensualism of the opening paragraphs turns sour as we begin to perceive the story is about something else. But it is that something else that makes the early scenes so poignant.

“Touch” comes as close to poetry as prose can.

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