Double-D Double Cross by Christa Faust – review

Butch Fatale is an ex-cop and down-and-out PI living in East Los Angeles.  She’s also a butch lesbian omnivore, down for femmes or butches both and often, please.  Her first adventure, Double-D Double Cross by Christa Faust, opens with her being visited in her office by a burlesque dancer and immediately taking her to O-town with her trusty strap on, their rutting interrupted by a female client wanting to hire Butch to look for her missing lover Angie.  In other words, Faust lets you know right quick what you’re in for with this beast, namely hot graphic lesbian sex and classic pulp private dick stuff with a brilliant fucking twist.  If that doesn’t sound like your bag, hit the fucking road, square, because that’s what Double-D Double Cross is offering.  But if you’re game, if such a description gets it hard or wet or both, then strap in (or “strap on,” as it were) for one helluva fun read.

From there Butch tracks Angie to a high-priced call girl service before finding her dead of a heroin OD.  But if you thought Butch would call it a day after that, you’ve never read a PI novel before.  Butch’s investigation into Angie’s death leads to the Armenian mob, blackmail videos, car chases, money drops, and shootouts ga-fucking-lore.  Oh, and some fierce fucking, of course.  Lots of it, actually, pitched at Vicki Hendricks-levels of hot and unsparing – no “separating the petals of her woman flower” bullshit soft language in sight.

Faust keeps the pace tight and the tone light while paying special attention to describing the different female characters’ bodies and setting the scene for the different kinds of nightclubs and restaurants of Los Angeles, with a strong sense of lady lust and hometown pride shining through on ever page.  The action scenes are a lot of fun too, especially in the wild climactic chase on the beach.  This is not as dark a book as her Angel Dare series, but it’s just as quick a read as Choke Hold or Money Shot.

I hope to see more of Butch Fatale toot-fucking-sweet, to hang out with her as she dives into danger and…you know where the Nerd’s going with this one.  She’s as funny, tough and sharp as the PIs of the golden era, just more apt to spend her off-hours giving and receiving orgasms instead of sipping from a bottle of Beam.  But until that inevitable return, the Nerd can always do some pants-free rereads of certain scenes…

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1 comment for “Double-D Double Cross by Christa Faust – review

  1. February 2, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    I snatched a peek at this one, and loved it. Lots of thrills, laughs and hotter than hell. Classic P.I. caper with memorable characters I look forward to reading again.

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