Justified – “The Devil You Know” – review

Some very nice misdirection in this week’s episode of Justified, starting with Devil’s story.  “The Devil You Know” opens with Quarles trying to sign on Devil to his new operation, Devil having been found for the Detroit man by Tanner, his “talent scout,” if you will.  Devil’s mulling it over and then makes his decision once he realizes back at Johnny Crowder’s bar that he’s still low man in the organization, an organization that ain’t exactly making a killing then according to how little Devil’s cut is.

Then Devil tries to get Johnny Crowder to turn on Boyd with him, Johnny making it seem like he’s going with Devil until, you know, he ain’t.  (Like Johnny would ever betray Boyd – dude’s family, and Johnny is nothing if not a stand-up guy.)  Turns out this episode was not setting up a Devil storyline where he switches sides, but a character episode to prove that yes, Boyd Crowder can still dish out the hard stuff and make the tough choices when he needs to.  He’s seemed kinda soft for a good goddamn while, a big part of why Devil wanted to get out of their club, but his murdering of Devil at the end of the episode proves he’s miles away from weak. (Devil’s death was particularly uncomfortable and pitiable, really showing what a cold-blooded motherfucker Boyd can be.)

But as good as the Boyd stuff was this week, it was especially fun to see Dewey and Dickie running around with the guard and the medic trying to get their money back from Limehouse.  Dickie and Dewey are sprung from prison then make a go for Limehouse’s place in the black area known as Noble’s Holler, but Raylan and Rachel are already on top of the situation, setting up a roadblock preventing anybody going in or out of the Holler.  Turns out that Raylan has some history with Limehouse as his old man Arlo once got laid out by the man when trying to get Raylan’s mom back from the holler’s unofficial battered women’s shelter after he was on a mean drunk.  (Seems abused white wives were safe back in the day because no white men wanted to tangle with black residents of the area.)  Raylan even goes to see Loretta and then Boyd, knowing the score now full well: everybody wants to some of that Bennett money that Limehouse is sitting on.

But the Bennett money doesn’t even belong to Dickie any more apparently, as Limehouse (who gets out of Noble’s Holler by using the underground railroad paths from back in the day, he explains), who we were lead to believe all this time was straight in his dealings with Dickie, gives him short of fifty grand and says the rest is payback owed him for how the Bennetts fucked him and the whole county on Black Pike.  Dickie decides he can save face (though probably just with his own cowardly self, it would seem at this point) by refusing the money and saying this shit ain’t over between him and Limehouse.  Raylan rolls up and it looks like Dickie’s the one that killed the two remaining kidnappers (who also want to kill Dickie just on principal for Black Pike), leaving me to wonder if Dickie’s just going back to jail looking like he failed to meet up with Limehouse instead of being punked by Limehouse, or if he’ll be back any time soon, if he has anything more to offer this story.  (Here’s hoping he does!)

I was surprised that one of our throwaway characters will be back, that being the prison medic who apparently has sinister plans for Dewey. (I was worried enough that he’d killed Dewey right off the bat in the episode with that one shot in the prison hospital – Dewey’s always hilarious.)  But what is the medic gonna do with Dewey?  Organ harvesting?  What is Loretta’s role in the show gonna be?  And is Arlo being talked about all episode without ever being seen something to worry about?  And how awesome was Raylan’s handling of the guard, running over the guard instead of shooting him then fucking with him on calling the hospital to get him to spill on his accomplices? (Oh, excuse me, the guard rolled over the top of the car, then Raylan backed into him – my bad.)

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

2 Replies to “Justified – “The Devil You Know” – review”

  1. Good take, NON. Very exciting to see Boyd get all scary again, although I do understand what Paul B. means by touching. Boyd is a touchingly bad man. Anyway, I’m giving up trying to guess where this is going, and that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Caring about the characters but not having any clue as to what happens next is my absolutely favorite place to be.