Justified – “Measures” – review

After an episode full of all kinds of double-crosses and twists and turns, it ends with a whole lot of alliances being formed in order to fight Limehouse and Quarles.  Whether these alliances are legit remains to be seen, but if they’re successful against their enemies, then this season surely fooled me.  I thought we’d lose Quarles and Limehouse and Boyd would be the last men standing, coming to blows for control of Harlan county next season now that Detroit was out of the picture.  Way its looking now, the conflict next year will be between Boyd and Adam Arkin’s Detroit boss’ influence through Wynn Duffy and friends.  Then again, that’s just what it looks like, not how it’s gonna be.

The episode opened with a couple of Detroit boys (one of which was the great Michael Ironside!) coming into the bar Raylan stays at and Raylan assumes right off the bat that they’ve come to help Quarles when in fact they want to put him down.  Raylan spends the rest of the episode trying to find Quarles but is unsuccessful, only managing to put the Detroit boys away before realizing he should have let them do what they were gonna do.

Rachel and Tim, on the other hand, are on top of their games this episode, tracking Dickie’s first day out of prison and even getting Rodney’s Memphis gang to set Dickie up.  When Errol comes back to the fucked up remains of the Bennett market, Tim and Rachel take the cooler with 46k in it, leaving Errol and Dickie to conspire with one another against Limehouse for the money, Errol already naming himself as the new Limehouse, his caveat being that they get Boyd involved in the takedown.  Rachel and Tim go to take that infamous church floorboard money, but Raylan knows better than to believe that old fairy tale.

Quarles is running out of revenue streams so he asks Napier for a meth house address that’s protected by Boyd to rip off.  After he does so he goes to pay Limehouse with the money and drugs, but Limehouse says he won’t take anything but the cash.  By that point Boyd is already on to Quarles’ culpability in the robbery and knows that Napier’s the one who put him onto the house, so he threatens Napier and has him steer Quarles towards his newly acquired trailer brothel for selling the drugs.  When Quarles arrives, Boyd brings him down and has him tied naked to the bed.

Wynn Duffy has also been busy this episode trying to come out on top when Quarles is inevitably brought down.  He first helps out the Detroit boys looking for Quarles, and when they’re arrested, he talks to the big boss himself, asks how he can take over for Quarles once he’s out of the picture.  Adam Arkin (who seems to primarily get his money from FX shows these days) says that he’ll get in good with him if he brings Quarles to him, dead or alive.  Lucky for Duffy he’s on the phone with Quarles when Boyd knocks him out, giving the two of them an opportunity to form a tentative business arrangement.

So you’ve got Boyd and Duffy together against Quarles, then Dickie and Errol against Limehouse with a possibility of Boyd joining them in the fight.  The relationships are getting all jumbled up and who knows how any of it is gonna go.  What do you guys think?  Limehouse and Quarles are gone by the end and then Errol and Boyd having it out next year?  Or is it Boyd runs Harlan after it all shakes out and Duffy still shills for Detroit, trying to edge back in?  Am I way off base?  Lemme know!

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Jack Getze

Spinetingler's Fiction Editor is a former newspaper reporter and author of five crime novels from Down and Out Books. His short fiction has been published on the web at BEAT TO A PULP, A TWIST OF NOIR and THE BIG ADIOS.

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About Jack Getze

Spinetingler's Fiction Editor is a former newspaper reporter and author of five crime novels from Down and Out Books. His short fiction has been published on the web at BEAT TO A PULP, A TWIST OF NOIR and THE BIG ADIOS.

4 Replies to “Justified – “Measures” – review”

  1. Either we were never told or we have forgotten: why did Mags entrust her millions to Limehouse?

  2. Exactly! I raised that question a few weeks back. It’s the one thing that gets in the way with this season for me. Seeing how Boyd, Quarles and others have interacted with Limehouse, it’s clear that he’s a Bank of some sort for criminals. Fair enough. But 3 million dollars? It’s weak. We need a solid reason and it hasn’t been given to us. Dickie suggested that Limehouse owed her a favor, or was in her debt for something–so because he’s in her debt, she gives him 3 million dollars for Dickie? And how’d she Ever know that Dickie would’ve been the last one standing? She couldn’t have know that. I hate to say it because I love the show, but it’s a Major Plothole, and even worse, the fact that he has the money is extremely important given that’s what Season 3 is leading up to, everyone going after it. We need that reason–one that makes sense.

    (There’s One thing that crossed my mind. In Season 2 if you remember, Maggs Cut Dickie OUT -toward the end. Remember that? I’m thinking at that point, after throwing him out on his ass and cutting him off, she went to Limehouse with money for Dickie in case she ever died and Dickie was bad off as a result of being on his own. That makes sense. And the fact that she would use him as a bank makes sense if that’s what his business is. He wouldn’t keep money for himself or else other criminals wouldn’t trust him or use him. However, 3 million dollars?? It’s a lot to trust a man with, but the bigger problem for me is I’m convinced that someone of her smarts would’ve known if Limehouse could be trusted or not in this situation. They should’ve made it more reasonable, like 500 Thousand or something. No one on earth gives 3 million to anyone outside of family or outside of any sure way of being able to access it).

  3. Actually, it’s Loretta, and she has it!! Which makes great sense. Did you see it the other night? It was an awesome episode that brought everything together in a cool way.

    Yeah in the earlier episode where Dickie busts out of prison and finds Limehouse at the old store, he dicusses the deal Limehouse made with Maggs, where Limehouse and Dickie both mention that Maggs had arranged for Limehouse to hold on to money for Dickie. Either way, whether he was named or not, it still wouldn’t make sense to let Limehouse have it. And she didn’t, it turns out, which is really great because that just didn’t work. She was too smart for that. But yeah, good stuff. This has really turned out to be a killer season. Watching Quarles fall apart has been fascinating and unexpected. Good writing.