Justified – “Coalition” – review

It’s starting to look like Limehouse won’t be one of season three’s casualties.  Hell, it’s starting to look like Limehouse isn’t such a fearsome character as we first thought, either.  I mean, all this time he’s just been protecting Loretta’s inheritance, not sticking it to Dickie or keeping the 3.2 million for himself.  And compared to how greedily all the others on the show have been acting at the whiff of that money, he seems more dignified and less criminal.  But though he may not seem all that diabolically evil this week, there’s no getting around that he’s pretty much omniscient, able to call every other player’s move instinctually.

But one of the most expected casualties still eludes death this week, that being Quarles.  He easily gets out of the hooker trailer (that was a pretty weak set-up) but doesn’t kill any of his guards, which was nice of him, if seemingly out of character.  (He did seem to genuinely enjoy partying with them, I suppose.)  He runs off to Limehouse who puts him onto a chance to kill Boyd and take a whole lot of money as he comes out of a bank carrying the loot.  If Limehouse knows that kind of information it means that…yep, Errol double-cross alliance with Dickie and Boyd is bullshit.  Boyd luckily sees through that play but Dickie gets free from Johnny (lots of shitty guards this week!) and forces Errol to tell him where the money really is.  (Why didn’t Boyd think of that…)

But still, Limehouse has that shit covered, telling Raylan to await Dickie’s arrival at Loretta’s foster home.  Raylan puts down Dickie with a shot (I imagine he’ll live) and thanks Errol for the tip.  We then see Raylan telling Loretta that he’s cool with letting her keep the 3.2 as long as she doesn’t do anything stupid with it.  (So is that the last we’ll see of Loretta?)  Speaking of Raylan, the marshals and local law enforcement are keeping pretty tight tabs on every move from every player outside of Limehouse this week, though they never seem to be around when it really counts.

Though it seems like Limehouse can’t possibly have any more moves, he’s apparently got contingency plans out the ass because in the end he still manages to set Quarles and Boyd up for a showdown.  Neither of them die (why did Duffy wait till Quarles was outta the car before he blew it up!) but it still shows that the guy can scheme till the fucking cows come home.  It seems like the questions are simple as we come up on the season finale – Who is going to put the final bullet in Quarles and how is Arlo going crazy going to fit into this whole mess?  Or are we all reading this shit wrong and that’s not the way it’ll shape up at all?  All I know for sure is RIP Officer Tom and don’t worry, Raylan will sort out your killer toot-fucking-sweet.

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