Looper by Rian Johnson – review

Guys, you gotta go see Looper.  Seriously, go out and pay for a ticket to this motherfucker toot-sweet and show that there’s an audience for films like this. If you don’t like remakes and movies based on toy-lines or just fucking flicks that treat you like a particularly slow five-year-old, go see this movie in the theater.  It’s a big budget original movie that’s ridiculously entertaining, thoughtful, and wonderfully hard-edged, willing to take its fantastic premise as far and as dark as it will go.  Basically, fucking do it up, dear reader, and do it up now.

Rian Johnson’s film is about Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a “looper” living in 2044.  Thirty years from then time travel has been discovered but is crazy illegal.  It’s also become very hard to kill motherfuckers and get away with it.  So a mob boss played by Daniels has been sent back to Joe’s time and is overseeing the looper program, where if the syndicate wants to kill someone they send them back in time hooded and strapped with silver, the victim being immediately taken out with a looper’s gnarly shotgun known as a “blunderbuss.”  Joe’s life has long been just a series of waiting for guys to be sent back, shooting them and then incinerating their bodies and collecting the silver.  As much of the world has descended into a scary level of poverty, it’s not such a bad existence aside from, you know, having to kill poor bastards left and right.

But lately a lot of Joe’s colleagues have been “closing the loop,” which means they’ve been sent their own future selves, only this time packed with a bunch of gold instead of silver.  Apparently the crimelord of the future, a mysterious figure known as the “Rainmaker,” has been cleaning house and leaving no witnesses.  It’s tough, knowing roughly the date of your death, but until then there’s plenty of drugs and whores and silver to go through.  But when Joe’s future self is sent back without a hood (Bruce Willis), he knows exactly who it is and stops just long enough to be subdued by, you know, himself – and you better believe Jeff Daniels is not down with an open loop.

To go much more into it is to risk spoiling some of the many surprises to be had in Looper, but I can well-fucking-assure you that the movie is not just a crazy chase/action movie from that point on.  There is plenty more story to be enjoyed after the premise is laid out, plenty of fascinating dilemmas and character moments, wrapping up with an ending that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.  There’s also plenty of violence and suspense to go with the smarts and emotional resonance, making Looper one of the more satisfying movie-meals you’ll have this year.

So run, dear reader, and vote with your fucking dollars.  I want Rian Johnson to get to make more films, for Sony to take more chances like this, and for Bruce Willis to feel rewarded for actually giving a shit in a way that he apparently hasn’t felt the need to for years.  Unless you want to see another movie based on a board game from the 80’s, you must see this movie right fucking now!

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

One Reply to “Looper by Rian Johnson – review”

  1. Your review got me in to see it and I really enjoyed Looper. Like you, I will hope for more Rian Johnson films.