Die, You Bastard! Die! by Jan Kozlowski – review

Holy shit, my basement noir junkies, does the Nerd ever have a book for you.  Jan Kozlowski’s debut Die, You Bastard! Die! is a twisted free-fall into hell that doesn’t know the first thing about pulling a punch.  (All kinds of mix-ups in the metaphor department in that sentence.)  If you’re looking to be completely disgusted while utterly riveted, this is your best bet outside of a Jack Ketchum novel.

Claire has avoided her child molesting father ever since she ran away from home two decades ago, now as a paramedic in Albany.  So when a childhood friend calls and tells her Big Daddy’s in the hospital, Claire isn’t eager to go visit.  When the friend reminds Claire of the pact they made as kids to get revenge against her father, Claire decides that now, as her father is incapacitated, is as good a time as any to make good on her word.

To get much more into it is to risk spoiling a whole bunch of exciting shit, but I think that description hints at the kind of sick shit you’re in store for with D,YB!D!  But hint is the word to keep in mind, dear reader, because shit gets a whole lot more bugfuck than just kiddie-rape and vengeance.  The last half of this short book is non-stop, agonizing suspense, and the Nerd was fucking pinned to the recliner throughout.  (The fact that the “pinning” was part of a weird S&M game is nobody’s business but mine and my personal gimp.)

So if you’ve got the stomach for it, Die, You Bastard Die! should be at the very top of your TBR pile toot-fucking-sweet, and here’s hoping Kozlowski cranks out another tightly-written bit of nasty P.D.Fucking.Q.

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  1. A title in the same arena as “Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!” Truth to tell, I passed by the book because I didn’t take the title seriously. Thanks to this nerdish review, I’ll take a second look. Thanks, Nerd!
    author of Hard Bite

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