RIP Robbie Silva by Tony Black – review

We crime fanatics Stateside have been hearing about this Scottish guy Tony Black for quite sometime.  Now, thanks to the excellent epub Blasted Heath, Black’s The Storm Without and RIP Robbie Silva have made it to our shores digitally and, based on my experience with Silva, we are a well-fucking-richer country for it.

Silva follows Jed, a con just out of prison, as he’s taken on a wild ride with the beautiful Gail, daughter of up-and-coming Edinburgh crime boss Robbie “Long Dong” Silva, at the wheel.  The two of them meet in a bar then quickly rob a convenience store, Jed’s cool head helping them to narrowly avoid the fuzz.  At first Jed wishes to get as far away as possible from the crazy-assed Gail, but when her old man pops up at his door promising The Big Payday, he regrettably reconsiders.

Told from Jed’s perspective in a lively voice full of inventive slang and profanity, RIP Robbie Silva is chock full of funny, thrills, and real pain.  Jed is haunted by the revelation of a massive secret about his father from his childhood, and said secret comes up something fierce in the harrowing climax of the book.

After breezing through this tightly written piece of nasty, you better believe the Nerd is down for more shit from Black toot-fucking-sweet.  Here’s hoping somebody makes more of his work both past and future readily available to my Yankee eyes sometime soon.

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