Todd Morr’s Best of Whatever 2012

A few of my favorite things


I’ll start with the unholy trinity of criminal empire building shows, in a particular order, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, and Sons of Anarchy. Let me put in my vote now that despite the calls that he has earned a tragic end Walt walks away from the final episode.

Walt, Nucky, and Jax all are fascinating fictional characters who in real life would not be enthralling, but really would just be jerks. Raylan Givens of Justified, seems like a cool dude to have a shot of bourbon and a beer or seven with (of course he probably would not think much of me). Make the focus of Justified Boyd Crowder, and my trinity becomes a foursome.

South Park features no criminal empire building, neither does, Workaholics, The Daily Show, or the Colbert Report, but I still tune in regularly.

I have to give some love to The Walking Dead, True Blood, Treme, and Game of Throne too.

Damn, I watch a lot of television.

Best story shared by an aging musician

“I did a gig with that dude in like, well I don’t remember the year, but he looked like he was eighty years old and did the whole thing sitting down. He was always skinny, still is, but then, well you could have carried him out to that chair, someone probably did. He was on the heroin then, big time, still could play though. If someone had told me then that that dude would be still out their touring and releasing CD’s in the year 2012 I not only would not have believed him, I would have said he was crazy. Hell, that dude will probably live longer than me.” Chill Boy on Johnny Winter (Paraphrased).

I suppose since Johnny Winter’s Roots album is the one I bought in 2012 with the latest release date (even though every song is possibly older than me) it wins my album of the year (actually released in 2011).


The Guard was released in 2011 but I did not see it until 2012, so it counts for me. Brendan Gleeson kills it as a corrupt small town Irish lawman that may or may not have been an Olympic swimmer, and Don Cheadle as an F.B.I. agent actually looking to solve a crime is excellent. In some ways it’s another fish out of water buddy movie along the same lines as Rush Hour the difference being the writing and the acting.

The Raid: Redemption is a pure action movie. Look for Hollywood to start pumping out imitations soon.

On a different note, Young Adult, features no action and few big laughs. Quirky drama is not necessarily my thing, but this one kept my attention. The story is kind of Fatal Attraction told from Alex Forest’s point of view, without the horror movie ending.

Of course, I saw and enjoyed the same big guys in costumes fighting each other as everybody else, but given the massive crush of hype, I don’t think they need my help.


I drive a lot, and most of the time I do so accompanied by Adam Corrola’s angry, profane, yet totally hilarious rants. Even when I disagree, I still find myself laughing. In addition to the rants, the show consistently features an outstanding interview and solid contributions from sidekicks’ Bald Brian Bishop and Alison Rosen. The episodes with David Alan Grier take an already good show to a whole new level.

Honorable mention goes to Penn’s Sunday School, Bill Burr’s Monday Morning podcast, and for whacky stoner conversations The Joe Rogan Experience (Like I said, I drive a lot).


In-between commuting and watching television, I did manage some reading. Highlight was finishing the Richard Stark collection with Butcher’s Moon and Plunder Squad, which brought up the question as to why with the internet leaving them so readily available did I wait this long? Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse made a plane ride enjoyable, as well as make me start to distrust my microwave(I’m sure it burns the popcorn with intent). The last of Ken Bruen’s and Jason Starr’s Max and Angela trilogy The Max restored my lack of faith in humanity. Chuck Palahniuk restored my faith in Chuck Palahniuk by penning Damned. The graphic novel Kick Ass 2 kicked ass.

I am the only person I know who not only does not mind reading a series out of order but kind of likes it, so I’ve been randomly reading Loren Estleman’s Amos Walker books lately, so far Retro is in the lead. Speaking of P.I. novels I have to give a shout out to Ryan ‘The Walnuts’ Sayles for giving us Richard Dean Buckner in The Subtle Art of Brutality (also wins best title).

Favorite quote

“You wrote a book?” pretty much everyone I know.

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