Justified – “This Bird Has Flown” – review

thumbs_Justified-Season-4-Promo-Poster-2“This Bird Has Flown” takes it a little easier in the plotting department than we’ve seen from Justified so far this season, not furthering the Drew Thompson storyline in the slightest for starters (though we did get a quick glimpse of Sheriff Shelby checking up on the case on his office computer), but that doesn’t mean this episode didn’t have its fair share of fun.   After all, an episode where Raylan gets to comically shoot a guy with a shotgun a bunch of times is a fucking winner in my book.

The episode picks up right where we left things last week, with Rachel and Raylan sifting through the mess that’s been made of Raylan’s above-the-bar digs.  We learn that, yeah, Raylan’s stung a bit by the likely scenario that Lindsey took off willingly with Randall.  Turns out that Randall and Lindsey are bringing Raylan’s stash (loved that Rachel and apparently everyone else on the Marshal staff already knew about his moonlighting) back to the fight promoter dude, the money used to stake a group of fighters.  How many dudes can you buy for twenty grand, you ask?  Well, seems that the fighters in question are actually fight cocks.

Before they hightail it out of town with their van load of chickens, Lindsey gives Raylan a ring and he quickly figures out where they’re at.  This leads to the inevitable showdown between Randall and Raylan, only Raylan wisely has come armed with a shotgun full of beanbag rounds.  Just to show that Raylan can somewhat hold his own against Randall, they fisticuff it up some too, but Lindsey’s the one that stops the fight.  Raylan’s well aware by now that Lindsey apparently has some sort of fetish for watching dudes fight over her, but when she puts Randall down for the count with a bunch of rounds and tells him his money’s in the van before taking off, he’s touched that, indeed, she kinda liked him.  After he cuffs Randall to the van and finds out his money is now in the form of a bunch of chickens in cages his enthusiasm is dimmed a bit.  (Loved the final shotgun blast to the gut he gives Randall – dude shouldn’t have mentioned the goddamn chickens again!)

The other storyline focused on in “This Bird Has Flown” involves Ellen May coming back into the suspicious arms of her pimp Ava following the supposed death of Billy St. Cyr from Boyd’s fully-poisonified rattler offering at last week’s service.  Ava’s still leery about the murder Ellen May has over her and Boyd and Ava both are suspicious of what Cassie might be cooking up with Ellen May so they have Shelby interrogate her some in his genial, avuncular way.  (Knew Boyd wouldn’t let Shelby out from under him that easily.)  Cassie appears to not know anything that everybody in town doesn’t already know about Boyd’s operation and Boyd seems to think they’ve wiped their hands of the St. Cyr siblings, but I’m not buying it.  We’ve yet to see a body far as Billy’s concerned and Cassie’s too interesting of a character to just run off even if Billy is dead, so I don’t think we’re done with them.

But though the proof seems sound enough, Ava still doesn’t want Ellen May around and has Boyd arrange for Ellen May to be taken to a relative of his that  will put her up with a job and digs at his no-tell mo-tel in Alabama.  But before Colt and Ellen May can hit the road, Ellen May makes one last plead to Ava about letting her stay, saying that no, she won’t rat on her to the cops if that’s what she’s worried about.  Bad move, Ellen May.  While I thought the Alabama thing was just bullshit that Boyd was feeding Ava so he could have Colt shoot her, turned out I was wrong.  Ava’s the one who calls Colt while they’re on the road and tells him to do the deed – a very interesting and dark move for her character to make at this point in the series.

Before he can kill the girl, Colt has to pull over at a gas station and do a bump of H in the biffy, a moment that raises some questions.  Turns out Colt doesn’t know junkie’s just from their “walk” in Afghanistan but has a taste for the shit himself, making me wonder if when he shook that dude down in the trailer park a couple episodes back if he wasn’t doing it just to find out the guy’s supplier but to score for himself.  Anyhow, while he’s in the can Ellen May legs it and now Boyd’s crew is in a world of trouble.

My guess is next week Ellen May will run off to Cassie and now Cassie will have the leverage against Boyd and Ava that they feared she’d had all along.  As far as the Drew Thompson storyline, all we got this week was a brief shot of Shelby looking up the case on his computer and in the “Johnny betrays Boyd” department we got nothing at all this week.  So next week I’m guessing we’ll get back to the Drew stuff some but the main concern will be the whereabouts of Ellen May (people sure do go missing a lot on this show), but what do you all think?  Is that the last we’ll see of Lindsey?  Is Raylan gonna up his game in the moonlighting department or does he have some other money-making scheme in the works?  Lemme know, Justifans!

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