Justified – “Kin” – review

thumbs_Justified-Season-4-Promo-Poster-2Whoo-boy did a lot of shit go down in “Kin,” episode five of season four of Justified.  After last week’s leisurely but very fun entry, this week we were thrown a whole helluva lot of info and incident, starting with the heat being turned up on the search for Drew Thompson.

Arlo is working out a deal in return for the whereabouts of Drew Thompson.  Turns out because they could put away Tonin if Thompson is found, the state’s willing to forgive Arlo the murders of a cop and trusty.  This puts a fire under Raylan’s ass, making him go check on just who told Roz (she of the punctured foot and flashable boobs) to get the Panama bag outta Arlo’s house.  Good ol’ Constable Bob tracks her down for him, finds out it was her stepfather (Gerald “Hearst from Deadwood” McRaney) that put her and her boyfriend up to the gig.  After some clever interrogation, Raylan finds out that Thompson’s up in hills with some real-live hillfolk.

Raylan’s taken hostage the hill people and finds that Boyd has suffered a similar fate.  Turns out he’s been enlisted by Wynn Duffy to go on the hunt, the deal being that if he successfully nabs Thompson he’ll get a huge cut of the Kentucky heroin trade, not just that of Harlan county.  Of course, Duffy has no intention of living up to this agreement as it’s still on Johnny to take him out, but that doesn’t mean Johnny doesn’t shit his pants throughout the episode thinking that he’s been double-crossed.

So before Boyd and Raylan can be killed by the Deliverance crew (one of them being the fat prospect from Sons of Anarchy who also had a key role in an episode Enlightened recently, the guy getting my favorite joke of the episode where it’s revealed his gun never has any bullets) Raylan saves them on account of his ties to their family through his mother (love how we’re still getting cool backstory on Raylan even this late into the series), thanks to the matriarch of the clan.  She tells them that he was lied to and then Raylan slows down Boyd’s progress with a pair of handcuffs and a tree.  But before he can  go back to the stepfather’s digs he’s already been taken, his foot and the tracking anklet all that’s left behind.  Was Boyd able to get to him before Raylan or was it some other enemy I haven’t thought of yet?  We know for sure, however, that Boyd was able to buy some time for himself by paying off Arlo’s lawyer to fuck up his deal.

Elsewhere in “Kin” we have Colton’s desperate search for Ellen May.  He’s already fucked up by telling Boyd that he took care of it but it turns out his main source in the hunt, Sheriff Shelby, is the one’s what took the girl anyhow.  Shelby’s in luck for now as Boyd thinks that she’s dead and the only one looking for her is the incompetent Colt, but he better act fast if he’s really gonna take down Boyd.  Will he involve the Marshal’s office to help protect Ellen May before she can testify?  I’d wager yes.

But then again I was awfully wrong last week, assuming that Ellen May had run off to Cassie St. Cyr.  Do you all think we’re really done with the St. Cyrs now?  If so it seems kinda like a straight-up red herring of a storyline at this point, but I enjoyed it even if we leave their story where it is now, I guess.  (Did that sound convincing?  No?  I guess I am a little miffed.)

Oh! We also got to see Winona for a bit and learn that Raylan is pretty shitty at this whole dad-to-be business, though I liked his still holding onto the promise of a nest egg for the kid – better get on that, Raylan!  But for next week, who do you all think took Hearst-from-Deadwood?  Did Boyd’s crew get to him or is there some other crew in the mix out there?  Maybe, I dunno. Limehouse?  That’s probably just wishful thinking on my part but, come on, we never saw him actually die last season…

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