Justified – “Foot Chase” – review

thumbs_Justified-Season-4-Promo-Poster-2While a lot of shit may go down in “Foot Chase” the episode ultimately ends up spinning its wheels some.  But though the writers may be stalling big time on the reveal of who Drew Thompson is, that doesn’t mean that “Foot Chase” didn’t have its fair share of decent character moments and some choice scenes.

Raylan and Boyd are leading separate searches for Thompson with Boyd taking the tact of shaking down every possible well-to-do middle-aged man on “the right hill” and Raylan going after the solo-footed Josiah and keeping his fingers crossed the old man’ll give him a clue.  After tracking down Roz  at the feeble-minded Teddy’s place, Raylan and the apparently on-the-up-and-up Shelby find out that the two dummies who picked up Josiah were calling him “Drew Thompson,” hence leading them to follow Arlo’s lawyer who Raylan learned was delaying Arlo’s deal with the Feds.  They save Josiah, we get a funny shootout, then Josiah tells Raylan to go and ask former sheriff Mosley a thing or two about Drew Thompson.

But speaking of former sheriffs, a different old friend of ours named Napier turns out to be the key in Boyd’s search for Thompson.  Ava says that rousting every old guy outta bed and fucking with them until they prove they’re not Thompson is a slow way to go about shit (and I’m in agreement with her), so she suggests they go to ol’ Napier’s swingers party and work from there instead.  Ava locks down and invite through a kinky judge and…that’s that.

Though the Crowder gang side of the search isn’t particularly exciting this week, Boyd and Ava do end up engaged in a very nice scene.  Ava’s been beating herself up over ordering the hit on Ellen May and is thinking about leaving the life until Boyd puts a ring on it and drags her all in.  Yeah, eventually they’ll live in a nice house like the Napiers of the world, in a place where their kids won’t have to be ashamed of the Crowder name, but the both of them are gonna have to do a whole lot more dirty shit to get there.

Justified has always been just as much Boyd’s show as Raylan’s to my mind, and there’s some especially interesting doubling going on with the personal lives of our two protagonists in “Foot Chase,” and not just in that they both need ex-sheriffs to help them find Drew Thompson next week.  This season we’ve watched Raylan raise and lose a nest egg for his child-on-the-way and then watched him be a bit of an irresponsible shit to Winona at one of her appointments.  Meanwhile, in this episode we learn that Boyd’s been successfully raising money for his family-to-be and solidified his relationship with Ava even further.  At least in their personal lives, it seems, criminal Boyd is much more responsible and mature than Raylan…

Elsewhere in the episode we watch Colt continue to shit the bed in the “finding and killing Ellen May” department.  After he kicks the shit out of a hooker who has no idea where her former c0-worker is, she is forced to tell Johnny that some poor client of hers is the one who marked her up.  This leads to the asshole Colt ruthlessly pounding in the face of some poor nerd over sins that Colt himself committed.  That’s some cold, twisted shit right there.  There was also a subplot about Tim bringing some interesting diplomacy to a war buddy who is trying to go clean but ripped off his dealer in his not-so-long-ago using days.  Not sure where that story’s going but I’m always up for seeing more of the neglected “other marshals” of the Lexington office.

So next week it’s a race to hopefully, finally fucking find Drew Thompson before Arlo gets a new lawyer and pushes his deal through.  There’s also the matter of Shelby stalling on when to involve the feds or possibly Raylan himself in his Ellen May-centered case against Boyd (if he’s truly an honest cop, that is).  If a junkie idiot like Colt gets to her first he’s gonna feel quite the fucking fool.  But the main question on all our minds is obviously this: when is wedding date and who is doing Ava’s dress!??!

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  1. More and more, Raylan seems — I don’t know — unmotivated? Like he’s wandering around in this series with little to do but react. Wish he WANTED something with Boyd’s passion. Thanks for keeping me updated, NON. I must have been in the frig or in the bathroom when Boyd gave Ava the ring.