Justified – “Money Trap” – review

thumbs_Justified-Season-4-Promo-Poster-2More wheel-spinning on Justified this week as both our heroes are sidetracked by shit that ain’t Drew Thompson in the slightest…for now, anyhow.  “Money Trap” finds Raylan having to close up some loose ends on his at-the-time seemingly disposable story about Jody, the guy who was harassing his wife Raylan picked up as part of a moonlighting gig.  Turns out Jody killed the two people Raylan turned him over to, including the cute girl whose butt we got to see awful early into the first episode of season four.  Jody takes off with his aspiring filmmaker accomplice Kenneth (played by the always welcome Michael “Paul Kinsey from Mad Men” Gladis) and the two lay low for a week in Kenneth’s place.  At the end of that week Jody’s captors’ bodies are found and now Raylan brought onto the case to get revenge for his fuck buddy.

The cops calling Kenneth also put a fire under Kenneth and Jody’s ass to get Jody’s stash out of his ex’s house and hightail it.  Thing is, Raylan swings by the digs and finds the very cute Jackie Nevada, the ex’s old sorority sister, housesitting.  Raylan and Jackie hit it off in a very Leonardian way and Kenneth and Jody have some close calls in their attempts to get the money before Raylan and Jody have a shootout wherein, you know, Raylan puts the mad bastard down.  It’s a nice enough little story but a little too over-the-top and poorly thought out for my taste.  I’m rarely bothered by Justified‘s brevity-and-fun-over-logic approach to storytelling that pops up sometimes but the new players involved in this one-off story (well, in the case of Jody, two-off, I suppose) were not developed enough to, you know, justify their huge suicidal leaps in the last act of their tale.  We think we have a handle on who these guys are and then, what, they turn into Peckinpah characters at the last second?  Weak stuff.

I was skeptical all along of Ava and Boyd skulking around Napier’s digs asking clever questions to root out who Drew Thompson is at the ritzy orgy and thankfully that’s not what ended up happening in their storyline.  Ava was obviously a hit with the boys but Boyd turned out to be a bit of a prize himself with the fellas as well.  Seems his old man used to do a whole bunch of dirty work for the wealthy fat cats of Harlan County and now they want Boyd to pick up the slack for no charge, killing a guy who is holding out helping his colleagues get rich on federal relief EPA money.  They claim they’ll kill Boyd if he doesn’t do the deed but we have no idea what kind of power these dudes actually yield yet.  If they’re so tough, how come we’ve never heard of them before?  And why do they need Boyd’s help if they’ve got other dudes to kill for them?  But then again, maybe they’re so good at doing their thing there’s no reason we ever could have run across them before…

At the very least, this murder could be Boyd’s association fee of sorts join these fellas on the hill as per his promise to Ava last week in his proposal, but he’s no where near closer to getting Drew Thompson.  Don’t tell Arlo that, though, because Raylan sure seemed to spook the old son-of-a-bitch when said Boyd was working for Tonin on the case and that Raylan’s next stop would be Sheriff Hunter from season one.  So next week we’ll see what Hunter has to say on the matter and what Boyd decides to do in the fat cat situation.  Also this week we got to see Johnny creep around and figure out that Colt hasn’t killed Ellen May yet.  He’s sitting on the info for now so I’m curious what his intentions are.  Maybe he’ll try to help Shelby along in bringing Boyd and Ava to justice or something like that, not have to pull a trigger at all.  That’d be just like him, sneaky bastard.

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