Justified – “The Hatchet Tours” – review

thumbs_Justified-Season-4-Promo-Poster-2So on this week’s Justified we got a major answer and a particularly heavy shoe dropped, namely we learned of the identity of Drew Thompson and Boyd finally was hipped to the fact that no, Ellen May is not dead after all.  But though those are two developments that have been a long time coming on this season of the show, there’s still a lot of shit left to be learned in the last four episodes of Justfied 2013.  If anything, “The Hatchet Tours” left us with more questions than answers, really.

Raylan takes over the transport duty for Hunter, a turn that no doubt made Moseley’s stomach drop something fierce.  But Raylan’s no idiot and not about to merely kill Hunter as an act of revenge.  No, instead he’s going to take Hunter for a side trip over to Harlan to get some answers out of the man as to just who the fuck hired him to kill Arlo and keep Drew Thompson’s identity secret.

Raylan checks Wynn’s name off the list quickly and doesn’t figure Boyd for the deed so he brings Hunter over to Paxton and Johns armed fortress of luxury, a place he left the delightfully incompetent Constable Bob in charge of.  The two arrive to the scene in the middle of a shootout with Shelby in tow and while Raylan calms shit down we learn that, as many have been speculating since his monologue to Ellen May last week, indeed Shelby is Drew Thompson.  While Raylan’s handling shit inside Shelby frees Hunter and flees in Constable Bob’s hilarious car.  Raylan returns to his sweet Lincoln after putting shit together from Bob’s rambling inside and finds Hunter un-cuffed but lounging, not about to go anywhere.

Justified has always been about the roots of its characters being deep in the soil of Harlan County and “The Hatchet Tours” underlines that theme something fierce.  Hunter was ready to kill himself over keeping a secret to a man who did him a solid a couple decades before, after all, and Shelby’s (excuse me, “Thompson’s”) return deed is merely a well-meaning handshake in comparison, but it’s the old world principle of the thing that matters to Hunter.  As much as Raylan may try to break free of such stubborn thinking he certainly seems to, as Hunter points out to him, have more of another old stubborn bastard’s ideals in him than he’d like to admit.

Colt being definitively an outside to this world, he once again spends this episode trying to clean up his mistake with more reckless fixes and lies instead of facing it head on like Hunter.  When Cassie comes by the whorehouse asking after Ellen May who supposedly swung by her church a few days ago, Boyd leaves it to Colt to see what she’s playing at.  Instead of keeping mum and seeing how shit plays out, Johnny somewhat fesses up that he “thinks” Colt shit the bed on the hit, which leaves some interesting questions as to where his head is at.  He admits to Boyd that he was put out by Colt’s appearance on the scene earlier in the season, but is he genuinely trying get back in his right-hand man position with Boyd or does he have something sneaky in mind that requires him to be helpful for a bit to Boyd?  I can’t work the angles on this one, Justifans – help a Nerd out!

Before Colt can strangle Cassie silent and then before Colt can get himself shot by a vengeful Tim, Boyd and Johnny take Colt off their hands.  Tim later tells Cassie he gave up the chance to kill Colt because he wants to square off on the man when he’s sober, which is another odd old school code from a character we didn’t even know had such leanings.  Anyway, there’s a great scene of Boyd trying to pin down just how Colt executed Ellen May before he finally tells him that the lying ends now.  But though Boyd knows that Colt has been bullshitting him, we don’t know what he plans to do with him now that he knows he’s been betrayed.

But aside from the fate of Colt, the real question for next week is just what the hell does Shelby plan on doing now that everyone knows he’s Drew Thompson?  Since the interrogation of Colt let loose the info that Shelby’s been sitting on the information that Ellen May is alive, now he’s got Boyd and Raylan after him and, most likely very soon, Wynn and maybe some more Detroit boys on his ass in a hot minute to boot.  Obviously Ellen May is a part of that plan because many of us were wondering just why the hell was he simply holing her up at his place all this time instead of moving forward with a case against the Crowders.  Is he gonna blackmail Boyd out of his Clover Hills house down payment before hightailing it or is he gonna do something more chivalrous?  The man’s next moves are almost as tantalizingly mysterious as his cloudy past, dear reader, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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2 Replies to “Justified – “The Hatchet Tours” – review”

  1. It’s Shelby!! Hey glad to see the website back up. I assume Johnny’s exposing Colt so Boyd won’t have any manpower against Johnny when he makes his move. He was bitching a little in the truck there to Boyd about how he put Colt before him after all of his loyalty and this and that. Guess we’ll find out more Tonight!