Justified – “Get Drew” – review

thumbs_Justified-Season-4-Promo-Poster-2Apparently it didn’t take as much effort as we had anticipated to track down Shelby Drew Thompson.  Really, the hunt was on for only about half of “Get Drew.”  I had thought that he had a better getaway plan and possibly even a master plan of some sort but…nope.  He was just gonna roll out in his airplane, not even bothering to lock down definite plans for just what the hell he was gonna do with Ellen May.

As he’s flying the coop he tells Ellen May that she can either catch a bus with a small cut of his stash and head for one of the coasts or she can give herself up to the cops and hopefully they’ll be down with putting her in wit sec.  So yeah, basically the shittiest plan ever.  Thankfully he comes back for her before going to catch his plane only to find out that Raylan and the Marshals have beat him to it.  Then the two of them hand themselves over to Limehouse over in Noble’s Holler only to be double-crossed.

Limehouse (anybody else as excited as the Nerd to have him back on the show – even if this might be his only appearance this season?) names his price to Boyd for Ellen May and Drew at three hundred K for the pair, which we learn would clean out Boyd’s organization.  So Boyd turns around and negotiates with Tonin’s boy Augustine to get him half a mil along with the previously set drug trade arrangement.  But when Ava and Boyd go to collect Drew, Limehouse doubles the price, forcing them to take Drew over Ellen May, going for the big money and new reach  instead of the security of having nothing hanging over Ava’s head, basically.  This decision is partially aided by Ellen May being a sweetheart to Ava when she initially arrives but that warmth is undoubtedly gone once the final decision is made.

From there it’s up to king of the fuck-ups Colt to get Drew to Tonin’s crew (who arrive in a helicopter which I thought was kinda much) and that’s thwarted by the Marshals arriving just in time (while Colt still has time to get away – also a bit much).  The Marshals make it there promptly thanks to Johnny Crowder.  Once Johnny realizes that he won’t be able to fulfill his obligation to Wynn (who is ready to take a trip of his own once he realizes he won’t be able to fulfill his obligation to Augustine) he decides to spill to Raylan.  Sure, he gives a nice little self-pitying speech to him about Boyd being the prodigal son and all (and helpfully fills in some gaps we have in Boyd’s history) but ultimately he just fucking rats to the cops like a little shit.  Boyd’s gonna be wondering soon just who tipped off the Marshals to the hand-off spot…

But though catching Drew Thompson has been a major goal for the entire season, it doesn’t look like the Marshals are the clear winners in the race just yet.  After all, they’ve got to get out of Harlan and get Drew Thompson to safety, and if Tonin can bring a fucking helicopter into the mix, who knows what else he’ll be able to call up to help him put down Thompson before he’s safely shuttered away.  Next week is looking to be one helluva exciting episode and the Nerd for one can’t fucking wait.

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  1. March 14, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Whoo hoo, Nerd!

  2. March 15, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Boyd tells Eva that Ellen May is a wild animal which she disputes and then she spits on her face just like a cornered alley cat.

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