Justified – “Peace of Mind” – review

thumbs_Justified-Season-4-Promo-Poster-2“Peace of Mind” could have just as easily been called “Get Ellen May” as, you know, that’s what the episode’s about and all, but “Peace of Mind” wisely underlines as a title the thematic concerns that are hit hard in the episode.  One of the darkest concerns of season four is the question of just how far Ava is willing to go into Walter White territory (to reference another great show) and in “Peace of Mind” we get a pretty definitive answer: she can’t pull the trigger herself but will grin and bear it if, say, Colt or Boyd wants to get the job done.

But before we get to that amazing moment in the episode, let’s discuss how we got there.  Boyd’s discussing his next move, whether to get some get-back on Limehouse or to go after Johnny when his decision is made for him in the form of a phone call from Nick Augustine.  Having learned of Thompson’s unwillingness to cooperate in putting down Tonin unless Ellen May’s safety is guaranteed him (any guesses on who the rat in the marshals is?) and discovered that Johnny can’t get him to Limehouse, Augustine’s decided to make a deal with Boyd.  He’ll give Boyd Johnny and the money required to buy Ellen May if Boyd will go get her himself.  When they get together at Johnny’s bar it is then decided that Ava will do the job herself on account of Limehouse liking her.

Ava goes to Noble’s Holler (or as Augustine calls it “Black Holler”) and finds out that Limehouse (or as Augustine calls him “Lemonhead”) has already let her go, but not before he lectures her on the dangers that this path will lead her down.  Raylan manages to make it back on the case despite getting Art wanting to suspend him but is forced to go take Tim and Rachel with him to Noble’s.  They miss each other and Ellen May but after some business it all comes down to Ellen May running to the Last Chance Holiness Church to wash herself in the blood of Jesus (not to be confused with the blood of the feller she was party to killin’).

This leads to the standoff where Ava regretfully has to inform Boyd via telephone that she can’t kill poor, sweet Ellen May, no matter how much it might help their situation.  Luckily for her, Colt is right there with his cell phone at the ready as well, and as soon as Ava’s hung up he takes a call from Boyd.  Luckily for Ellen May, Tim shows up in the fucking nick o’ time to have a super-rad standoff with Colt (more of a suicide-by-cop, really) wherein Colt decides to finally give up smoking.

But though Ellen May seems safe for the moment, Johnny’s fate is unclear at this juncture.  Raylan breaks up the party at Johnny’s bar but leaves the question of what is to be done about the lesser Crowder up to Rachel.  What kind of deal can really be struck there is a mystery to me but at the very least it seems Johnny may have bought himself some time.

Though you’d think it’d be blue skies from here on out, Augustine has another nefarious trick up his sleeve involving the pregnant (with a girl!) Winona who he sent his boy over to with a brand-spanking new glider.  Seems Raylan really should’ve let that suspension happen already and not gotten himself deeper under Augustine’s skin.  So it looks like next week there’ll be some sort of hostage situation forcing Raylan to turn over Drew after all, unless I’ve lost the thread somewhere here.  Let me know, dear reader, and I’ll see you on the other side of the finale of season four!

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

2 Replies to “Justified – “Peace of Mind” – review”

  1. Ava didn’t look well. That Augustine needs to die, and I for one hope Ava is the one to blow him up. Be fun if she did it next week, saving the day for Raylan and Winona, maybe Drew and Ellen May, too.