Charlie Stella Stars at Noir @ the Bar NYC

Stella ReadsAuthor Charlie Stella lived up to his headliner billing this past Sunday at Noir @ Bar NYC’s fifth event. Reading from a work in progress, the author of Rough Riders, Johnny Porno, and other noir classics, mesmerized (I might have missed a word or two sipping vodka) an audience of forty to fifty Shade Bar patrons with a taught, stark, funny at times, always suspenseful conversation between Doc and Red Dalton, a character from Stella’s Ode to the Os short story in the Laura Lippman-edited anthology, Baltimore Noir.

You couldn’t help wanting to see those two characters on screen. Gripping dialogue.

Noir at the Bar — created by Peter Rozovsky in Philadelphia, June 2008, with Duane Swierczynski — has spread to Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Texas, Toronto, Minnesota, and perhaps Scotland, thanks primarily to Jedidiah Ayres and Scott Phillips, whose St. Louis Noirs at the Bar lead to two collections of short fiction.

Besides noir master Stella, Noir @ Bar NYC this past Sunday evening featured authors Bradley Sands, Gerald So, Teel J. Glenn, Scott Adlerberg, Thomas Pluck, Suzanne Soloman, and me, Spinetingler’s own fiction meister.

The photo of Charlie was taken by Glenn G. Gray, who also performed as Master of Ceremonies Sunday night, and played perfect straight man to author and Thuglit editor Todd Robinson, who reminded us all to vote for him over Gillian Flynn in The Stalker Awards. You got it, Todd. No problem. JG

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Jack Getze

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  1. So the doorbell rang this morning. It was Todd. Actually, Mr. Robinson, Sir. His bulging, tattooed arms cradled a Remington twelve-gauge while explaining how my above story on Charlie Stella nicely mentioned Todd, but sounded as if I might NOT actually vote for him in The Stalker Awards. I assured him, as I do all of you, I have already voted for Todd and his wonderful, exciting, suspenseful, and thrilling novel, THE HARD BOUNCE. Gillian who?

  2. And then I freakin won! Wheeee! Now all she has to soften the loss is her Scrooge McDuck-sized pile of money to cry herself to sleep on!

    So yeah… I won… I guess. (weeping softly)

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