Breaking Bad – “Confessions” – review

imagesSo Breaking Bad has been fucking sterling so far in this final stretch but ho-lee fu-uck did this episode raise the goddamn ante in terms of sheer awesome.  Walt’s masterful shutting down of Hank’s attempts to bring him to justice would’ve been enough for me to shout praises from the fucking rooftop about “Confessions” badassery but then to close the episode out with Jesse’s realization?  Just all-around amazing shit, dear reader.

The cold open concerns itself with Uncle Jack and Todd’s long road trip back to ABQ with the remaining methylamine, showing Todd telling tales out of school to Uncle Jack and his guy, leaving doubt in the Nerd’s mind as whether these Aryan clowns are really gonna stick to Lydia’s guidelines for their operation.  Then we get to see Jesse blow off Hank’s attempt to have him turn on Walt, with Saul coming in just in time to clean shit up (this episode features some of Bob Odenkirk’s finest work to date on the show for sure).

Walt is scrambling around trying to put out fires, including stopping Junior from seeing Marie by bringing up the cancer card to his son.  Then he comes up with his masterstroke in his brilliant confession tape.  When a peace accord at a cheesy Mexican restaurant fails (poor server Trent- he just wants the party of four to give the guacamole a chance!), with the defensive couple in the blandest clothes ever while the Schrader’s keeping it  dark and sharp, Walt throws a grenade at them in the form of a DVD (but not before Marie suggest that he just kill himself).  In the video Walt tearfully explains that Hank is Heisenberg and that Walt’s just the brilliant chemist forced by the DEA honcho to do his bidding.  When Hank finds out that Walt’s drug money financed his entire physical therapy rehabbing he has to depressingly admit defeat.  The couple standing there watching the DVD in disbelief is one of the most riveting moments I’ve seen in television in a long-ass while.

With Hank out of the way that leaves only Jesse as the only obstacle in Walt’s way, seemingly (he doesn’t know about Uncle Jack and the gang taking over his old trade and bringing blue meth back to Albuquerque though).  Walt, Saul and Jesse all have a pow-wow out in the desert where Walt tries to convince Jesse that calling the vacuum man from season four is probably the best way to get out of the doldrums he’s been facing lately.  In a brilliantly acted scene, Jesse calls out Walt, asks him to for once just say he needs a favor from Jesse, to quit trying to play him and make everything sound like its just for his benefit.

Jesse nearly goes along for the ride until he realizes at almost the last moment that Huell pick-pocketed his weed back at Saul’s office.  This is his “Hank on the toilet” moment, wherein he realizes that Huell must have done the same to Jesse’s pack of cigs back in the Brock poisoning incident.  He flies off in a rage and kicks the shit out of Saul forcing him to ‘fess up to his involvement in Walt’s take down of Gus Fring and then storms Casa de White with designs on burning the place to the ground.  We have to wait till next week to find out if Jesse light the match (we know the place wasn’t completely torched based on episode nine’s flash-forward scene) but we do know that Walt is back in his classic desperation mode, lying to Skyler ever-so weakly and retrieving a revolver from the car wash’s soda machine.

I really don’t have anything to really predict in this week’s piece as the episode was mainly just a powerhouse of a juggernaut of a barn-burner in terms of epic scenes, but where do you guys think shit’s going?  Is Jesse gonna come to his senses and go back to Hank with the whole story or can he come up with a more direct plan of revenge?  Could Jesse be taken out with a number of episodes left or is he gonna be there till the bitter end?  How do Todd and Uncle Jack figure into the unraveling of Walt’s world?  I’ve got no clue anymore because this show just threw me for a blissful fucking loop and I can’t wait to see where we go next!

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I love crime/noir fiction, comics and movies. I think my opinions are web-worthy. Then again, what asshole doesn't think that their opinions deserve a blog?

4 Replies to “Breaking Bad – “Confessions” – review”

  1. I am at a complete loss. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. I can’t let go of that M60, though. I think that has to be either for the Aryan guys (not likely) or some Czech dudes that come to rain hell on New Mexico in response to Todd’s ineptitude. Either way it goes, something’s going down with Lydia. That’s where the big finale is going, I believe. What parts the others have to play, I have no freakin’ clue at this point. The “confessional” video rocked. Didn’t see that one coming. But I do have to ask this: am I the only one a little disappointed with Jesse’s revelation about the poison cigarette? I love that it happened just before he left for Alaska or wherever, though.

  2. Josh,

    What was disappointing about the cigarette revelation to you? Was it the way he figured it out that felt false or that it happened at all? I personally loved the sly way in which it was handled. Interested to hear your issues.

  3. Yeah, the way he figured it out felt false. It seems to me the whole ricin cigarette was put to rest when Walt planted a fake one in the Roomba. Haven’t heard anything from Jesse about it since. Like it wasn’t on his mind at all. Likely, it wasn’t. Something had to happen to put it at the forefront of Jesse’s mind, and I just didn’t feel like the missing weed would do it. At least not that fast, considering what’s happened and what was going on at the time (Jesse leaving for Alaska or wherever). “If he can lift my weed, he can lift my cigarettes, if he can lift my cigarettes, he could have swapped my pack, etc.” Not a huge logical leap, but hasn’t there been quite a lot of things happen since then? The connection would probably have been made after some thought, but a sudden revelation on the spot? This is the guy, after all, who seriously believed for a moment Walt was going to build a robot to carry them back to civilization after the battery on the RV went dead. Also the guy who took on some cartel dudes and rocked a cook down in Mexico, but still.

  4. I can see that, for sure. I think that the writers were probably more concerned, though, with the outta-left-fieldness of the revelation though. One more hat tip in the episode or even in the two episodes previous probably would’ve set the audience up more for him figuring it out. I’m all for good foreshadowing but I think in this case they just really wanted to fuck with our expectations. I mean, like I said in the piece, Walt’s awesome defense against Hank would’ve been monumental enough for this episode, but to add Jesse finally putting shit together in the exact same episode brought it to another crazy level.