Peckerwood by Jedidiah Ayres – review

1010867_10151784487818428_1202767698_nTerry Hickerson can’t believe his luck.

The deadbeat dad and serial armed robber managed to pick up a hot college girl and have some truly rad, kinky sex with her.  When he learns later that she’s the estranged daughter of Hamilton County Sheriff Jimmy Mondale, a guy who has fucked with him for decades, it’s just icing on an already pretty rich cake.

But when Mondale eventually finds out about the tryst, shit most definitely goes to shit for Hickerson toot-sweet.

See, Mondale is secretly running the county’s drug trade and prostitution with ex-biker Chowder Thompson and an easy job it most definitely ain’t.  The two have to work together to take out folks from places like Little Rock and Memphis who want to take over the town, and those characters tend to be a tad on the ruthless side.

And when a hot shot state’s attorney comes along looking to bring down Thompson and expose Mondale, it starts to look like taking out feds might soon be added to their list of crimes.

Peckerwood by Jedidiah Ayres is a hugely badass rural noir that builds on the promise of his excellent novella Fierce Bitches.  The world is specific but never over-elaborately detailed, the voice is by turns back-porch hilarious and grimly foreboding (is there another kind of foreboding?), and the characters constantly surprise you with their depth and complexity.

If you’re not hip to Ayres’ shit you really gotta get on the trolley, dear reader, because dude is tearing it up right now.  The tone, prose style and structure of Peckerwood is miles away from that of Fierce Bitches yet both are immensely accomplished and original works from a ridiculously exciting new voice in the genre.  I truly have no idea where Ayres’ mind will take us next yet am anxious as all hell to take the trip real soon.

But the question remains, with the titles mentioned along with his short story collections A F*ckload of Shorts, is Jedidiah Ayres ever going to publish a book without  some kinda cuss in the title?  Also, as I assume from his christian name, the Nerd is curious just when his fascinating background as a former Amish guy is gonna make its way into his fiction…

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