The Bitch by Les Edgerton – review

May 13, 2014

THE BITCH COVER NPPLes Edgerton’s The Bitch is a straight-up old-school noir novel that will pin your ass to the break table at lunch at make you late for work.

It’s a story told by ex-con, now-hairdresser Jake Bishop, a guy on the verge of living the American Dream.  He’s got a beautiful wife, his own house and he’s about to open his own salon in South Bend, Indiana.  But then Walker Joy, his old cellmate from Pendleton, comes asking for a favor: help him rip off a jeweler at the request of another jeweler who has some shit over Walker Joy’s head.  At first Jake begs off but then Walker ‘fesses up that this jeweler has shit on Jake as well.  Now Jake has to risk losing everything in order to get out of this jam alive or worse: catching “the bitch” of the title, the life long prison stretch that inevitably happens following a criminal’s third felony.

Edgerton sets all this up masterfully and then brings the hurt down on Bishop one catastrophe after another.  If you’re worried in the early stretches of The Bitch that Edgerton won’t go “full-dark” (as the Nerd admittedly was) let me put your fears to rest: this shit gets truly fucked up in act two and beyond fucked up in act three.  So if your idea of a good time with a book involves stomach problems (which we all know is the only type of reader who would look to the opinion of some asshole calling himself the Nerd of Noir), then The Bitch should be the next beast perched atop your TBR pile.

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One Response to The Bitch by Les Edgerton – review

  1. PaulDBrazill on May 13, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Spot on. Great book.