Pimp by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr — Review

After a long lull, Ken Bruen and Jason Starr turned their attention to another Max Fisher novel, and it was well worth the wait. “Pimp” is not only a fantastic noir creation, but a funny, satirical put-on, filled with some of the most creative writing this reader has seen in a long time. Before we go any further, the title refers not to a person running prostitutes, but a designer drug, that Max has labeled with the tag line, “it takes care of you.”

The plot is simple: Max, in hiding in the Pacific Northwest since his escape from Attica, finds the drug and uses it for a comeback, first in New York City until he learns that a TV program is being made of his exploits based on his life story in “Bust” (the last of three previous novels by these award-winning authors). So he takes off for Los Angeles, where he finds his former secretary ensconced as a co-producer of the program (along with an assortment of other characters). This, of course, makes for a new set of funny and improbable complications, not to mention more bodies to add to Max’s collection.

To add to the already outlandish black comedy, the authors make liberal use of a wide variety of celebrity’s names to further illustrate the absurd situations portrayed, as well as double- (and) triple-crosses, blunders, miscalculations, violence, sex and blackmail. All in good fun.

Highly recommended.

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