5 Most Common Crimes in The US.

The US is a big country, and has hundreds of millions of people living here. As a result, crimes are pretty common despite their being laws. Over the years, certain types of crimes have become more common, let’s have a look at 5 most common crimes in the US:


1. Reckless Driving



Speed thrills, but it also kills. According to reports, more than 41 million American drivers are fined for speeding every year. Each state has different laws when it comes to driving speed.


The speed limit also depends on where you’re driving, for example for many states you cannot go above 25 miler per hour when you’re in the city. Violating this rule may cause you a lot of trouble as an officer might stop you and charge you for a speeding felony. Also, saying that you were not aware of the maximum speed is not a valid excuse.


The punishment you get for reckless driving depends on several factors including the conditions you were caught in, also the state where the crime was committed. While some states will only fine you, some may even cancel your license as reckless driving is not only dangerous for you but others as well.



2. DUI (Driver Under Influence)


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a serious crime in the US and leads straight to an arrest in most of the states. Out of all the arrests that are made in the US, around 1.4 million arrests are solely because of intoxicated driving.


Many people are not even aware of alcohol limits for a DUI, and end up being in trouble. A person who is under the influence can lead to road accidents causing injury to himself, other passengers and even other drivers or passersby. The punishment for this crime is severe which might also involve six months worth jail hours, cancellation of license, paying fines ($1000 or more) and participating in a rehab program.



3. Drug Abuse


Every year, around 2 million or more people are charged and arrested for drug charges. Possession of drugs is also considered a felony and has serious consequences to it.


Not only this, being in possession of apparatuses used to intake drugs, such as bongs and syringes, is also considered a crime and may lead to an immediate arrest, jail time for up to a year, probation and huge fines ($1000 or more).



4. Theft


Theft is one of the most common crimes that is committed in the US. It may include stealing car batteries, invading personal properties and looting them, road crimes, car thefts, credit card frauds etc.


According to reports, a theft is reported every 5 seconds in the US alone, that makes around 6 million thefts per year and 16,000 thefts per day. The theft rate may vary from state to state, depending upon how active the police department and the law enforcing agencies are and other such factors.



5. Assault


Getting your hands on a person and inflicting bodily harm is a crime is the US. This can get you into serious trouble.


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