Make Your Presentation Outstanding with These Tips

Are you feeling stressed about your upcoming presentation? We don’t blame you. Public speaking is among the top phobias experienced in modern society. The thought of standing in front of a crowd and speaking creates anxiety in the speaker if they are unprepared and inexperienced at speaking. In fact, the fear of public speaking is as debilitating as the fear of death.


Overcoming these feelings of nervousness and anxiety is not that challenging. All you need to do to deliver the perfect presentation is to prepare adequately and practice as much as you can. Here are some tips that you can use for your next corporate or private presentation, give them a try and watch your performance improve.


Tools to Get the Job Done

Modern technology has developed some amazing software applications that can assist you in building slide presentations that look great. Canva is a free online application that can help you create beautiful slides for your presentation. There are interesting tutorials for everything you need on how to convert pdf to word on mac or other technical processes that you need to understand.


Tips for the Stage

The day of your presentation may invoke feelings of anxiety. Have a cup of chamomile tea with your breakfast. Chamomile is shown to soothe feelings of anxiety and restore calm in the nervous system. As soon as you take to the stage, have an anecdote, or humorous statement prepared that you can use an icebreaker for the audience. This icebreaker will help you get down to the level of your audience and initiate a positive relationship with them that feels authentic.


Try to use the entire stage. If you have a wide area to work with, walk up and down the stage slowly while you talk. Try to make eye contact with people in the first five rows. Only hold you gaze for a brief moment before moving onto the next person and try to change rows frequently with your gaze. Eye contact makes your audience feel like you are specifically talking to them and they will make a better effort to pay attention to your presentation.


Don’t make too many hand gestures. Save hand movements and facial expressions for moments in your presentation where you are trying to emphasize a point and drive it home to your audience. Excessive hand gestures make you look nervous, and they are part of ambiguous body language that your audience may not trust. Remember to speak slowly and clearly to ensure that everyone in the audience can hear you.


Practice as much as You Can

The key to delivering a fantastic presentation that leaves your audience spellbound is practice. Practice your pitch at every opportunity you get. Ask your friends and family to listen to you talk and give you any feedback or tips they may have to help you improve things. Practice your facial expressions in front of the mirror and repeat a mantra that builds your confidence. Great public speakers are made, not born, so practice your skills whenever you can.


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