Why do men wear rings? Here’s everything you need to know about wearing rings as a man

It looks like more and more men are interested in wearing rings, but wearing rings as a man has never really been a prominent thing. Or at least, this isn’t the case for modern times, as you may find an abundance of examples of men wearing rings the further back you go in time. Under today’s standards however, wearing rings is still considered for the most part something women do. When a man tells you he’s wearing a ring, the first thing you think about is a wedding ring, because that’s the most common type of ring you see on a man’s finer.

But rings weren’t always mostly restricted to being pieces of women’s jewelry. In times long past, figures of authority and power would wear rings that would symbolize this power. Granting someone political power over land for example might have been often accompanied by a ring that showed this to the common folk.

Reasons to wear a ring if you’re not an ancient lord

Family heirlooms
Similar to how in antiquity or and medieval times rings were given out to those placed in positions of power, it was also a custom for big families that had their own sigils to also have family heirlooms, like rings. The family ring or rings would be passed down from generation to generation, strengthening the idea of an important family and complementing the family’s coat of arms. Today, there are still families that use this tradition and pass on a family ring to new generations.

Culture and religion
Some men wear rings that have a religious or cultural significance. Depending on where they’re from and their faith, they might wear special rings such as the rosary rings worn by catholic. It is quite common for people to mark their faith or cultural heritage through jewelry or symbolic objects, and even tattoos. Some of them respect or honor their culture, traditions and religion through specific rings that symbolize their allegiance.

Purely showing off
Some rings don’t have any special significance and men like to wear them just to enhance their overall appearance just like a woman would wear a ring or necklace. After all, you don’t need to come from a great family in order to like how sterling silver looks. While others might wear rings for a specific reason, others find it easier to wear rings without any strings attached and just for the sake of it. They like the way they look with a ring on their finger and they rock it because they can, and because who wouldn’t like a silver skull ring?

Choosing a finger

So you’ve decided you’re going to wear your sterling silver biker ring. Maybe you just want to show off your new Bikerringshop purchase, or you want to finally honor your forefathers by wearing the family ring. Whatever your reasons are, you need to choose a finger for it. Here’s what each finger represents:

The ring finger is called that way because it’s where you put “the ring”. Engagement or wedding rings are usually put on this finger but if you are not engaged or married and still have a ring with sentimental value, it can still go on this finger.
The index finger is used for rings with a special meaning or symbolism behind them. This is where people would place the aforementioned rings of power, given to them upon being elected into a position of authority.

The middle finger is purely for attracting people’s attention. If you want your ring, whatever it symbolizes, to stand out, that’s where you put it.

The little finger is for rings that don’t hold any value and are just there as an extra or look enhancer.


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