COLD GRANITE by Stuart MacBride

A review by Sandra Ruttan

Cold Granite begins with the discovery of a body of a young boy, and the first day back on the job for DS Logan McRae after recovering from a vicious knife attack. It isn’t long before McRae is injured on the job, being lectured by his supervisor and dealing with the report of another missing child. I was at that point in the story when I sat down with the author, Stuart MacBride, for part one of our interview. When I mentioned where I was in the book, MacBride said, “It’s all downhill from there.”

And it was. Actually, it was downhill, up a small hill, around a hairpin turn and down another hill again. Cold Granite resonates with originality and is a compelling, action-packed tale about the pursuit of a serial killer who is preying on young boys.

Cold Granite is also a story about the process of recovery for a promising police officer left with emotional and physical scars after a vicious knife attack that kept him off work for several months. One of the most intriguing things about Cold Granite is how the author manages to weave the back-story of McRae’s life into the current story without stopping the action. If Cold Granite is any indication, Stuart MacBride won’t be going back to his day job any time soon. My interview with Stuart MacBride can be read on page 76.

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Stuart MacBride was featured in New Novelists On The Block at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival. His debut novel Cold Granite is being well-received and his website blog has attracted many new fans who return daily to view his often irreverent view of life and his fixation with bees.

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