Spinetingler Magazine was founded in 2005 by K. Robert Einarson and Sandra Ruttan. Available as free downloadable issues, Spinetingler quickly built a global reputation for intensive author interviews and quality fiction.

Spinetingler was acquired by Jack Getze and transitioned to an ongoing publication format online.

Fiction Staff:

Jack Getze: Owner, Editor-In-Chief, Staff Writer

Sandra Ruttan: Fiction Editor, Staff Writer

Non-Fiction Staff:

Brian Lindenmuth: Non-Fiction Editor, Staff Writer

Sandra Ruttan: Staff Writer

Nerd of Noir: Staff Writer

Keith Rawson: Staff Writer

We would like to thank the following for their contributions in the past:
James Oswald, editor and reviewer; Kate Charlton, submission reviewer, editor, interviewer and reviewer; K. Robert Einarson, co-founder and reviewer; Angie Johnson-Schmit, submission reviewer and editor; MG Tarquini, submission reviewer and editor; Tracy Sharp, submission reviewer and editor.

Spinetingler Magazine was founded in 2004 by K. Robert Einarson and Sandra Ruttan. After a brief period during which Spinetingler was owned by BSC Review, ownership changed to Jack Getze and it no longer has affiliation with BSC Review. It has no affiliation with the UK horror and self-publishing site called Spinetinglers.