Review by Andrea Maloney

Set in the 1950’s, Baby Shark is the story of Kristin Van Dijk a young girl who travels from town to town in Texas with her pool hustling father. Living out of her father’s car she spends her time reading books and listening to Jazz. Life is good until one horrible night in a local pool hall when a local motorcycle gang turns her life upside down. Kristin is assaulted and left for dead. Her father is murdered along with the son of the pool hall’s owner. Henry Chin, the owner, is also beaten and left for dead but he manages to pull himself and Kristen out of the pool hall before it burns to the ground.

In the 1950’s girls didn’t admit to being raped and they certainly didn’t seek revenge for wrongs committed against them and their family. The local police don’t seem interested in finding the perpetrators so Kristin sets out with Henry Chin to find the killers and make sure justice is done.

She sets out to learn how to defend herself while also learning to shoot pool even better than her father. With the help of a local private detective, Kristen and Henry set out to find the members of the motorcycle gang responsible and exact their revenge.

Robert Fate’s first novel, Baby Shark, is a dynamite read. It pulls you in from the very first page with non stop action, violence and characters that live and breathe. Straight forward writing tells the story of a tough heroine who refuses to take life lying down. She refuses to play by the rules and she refuses to let the criminals responsible go unpunished. Fate has written characters who are full of life, tough yet tender. Characters you will find yourself jumping up and cheering for in this dark, almost noiresque novel. The tightly written plot will have your pulse racing, your heart pounding and leave you breathless until the very end.


Andrea Maloney is a stay at home mom and jewelry designer who loves to read. Her favorite books are mysteries, suspense and thrillers. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two daughters and one large cat.

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