By K. Robert Einarson

Kristin Van Dijk is back in this new novel from Robert Fate. This time around she is a newly licensed PI and partnered with Otis Millett who was also introduced in the first book. Kristin and Otis are hired to locate and return Sherry Beasley, a wealthy heiress nearing her eighteenth birthday. Once they locate her, they start to realize that there are other forces at work here and what appeared to be a straightforward job becomes a quagmire of conflicting agendas and danger.

Fate has written a well-told story that captures the spirit of the period. The atmosphere he has created has that same dark feel that Elroy so deftly captured.

The story is a real page-turner that has ample twists and turns right up to the clever and surprising end. The dialog is solid and Fate's continued development of Kristin and Otis has really flushed them out. They had a natural back and forth that feels like Fate was transcribing two actual people talking.

My only complaint was character of Virginia. My feeling was that she was a little undeveloped and this made things such as the dialog between her and Kristin have less of Fate's keen ear.

But the overall impression of this book is that it is an excellent follow-up to the acclaimed Baby Shark. I look forward to Fate's next book in the series "Panhandle Caravan".

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