Review by K. Robert Einarson


Things are not going well for Ray Dudgeon. His latest job as a bodyguard for a Hollywood locations manager, who was a witness against a member of the Outfit, is not going the way Ray hoped. His cop friend is questioning Ray's loyalties and his girlfriend is not even certain she wants to continue their relationship.

As the job progresses, Ray is drawn into a web of corruption and blackmail that reaches high ranking politicians and police officials. With no one to trust and people with secrets to protect, he needs to think quickly to avoid becoming killed himself.

Chercover has created an exciting narrative that has carries the reader into world of the private investigator. Chercover's own experience as a PI gives the story an authentic feel and the diverse cast of characters and locations helps to make this book apart from the crowd. The actions sequences are riveting and reminded me of Simon Kernick’s engaging style at times.

But no discussion about this book would be complete without discussion of Chicago. The city is almost a character in itself. Chercover's passion for the city he loves and his laments for the city it is becoming, is evident throughout the book. The story travels to Beverly Hills and Washington DC but when Dudgeon is in Chicago, the reader can feel the energy of the story.

I hope we will see another Dudgeon novel set in the gritty streets of Chicago soon. It's a combination that can't lose.

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