Review by Andrea Maloney

Alex St. James helps her elderly neighbor get back into her home after she was locked out. Her neighbor also asks for Alex’s help with a financial situation that has her worried. In a hurry because she is running late for an awards ceremony she is attending, Alex doesn’t have time to help her with the financial matter but promises to come over tomorrow and take a look. When Alex arrives home later that night she finds her street crawling with police and her neighbor murdered.

Despite her objections Alex finds herself pulled into the investigation by her employers at Midwest Focus News Magazine. She soon finds that this little old lady had a number of people who might have wanted her dead including a vicious ex-con plus her son who was desperate for her inheritance to pay off his gambling debts.

Even after a brutal attack Alex refuses to back off uncovering several shocking secrets that someone wants to keep hidden. Not only is Alex deep into the investigation but she is also juggling several personal issues too; one involving her handicapped sister, and another involving her relationship with two attractive men.

She finds herself delving deep into a web of deceit, risking life and limb to uncover the truth about the brutal crime. With enough evidence to expose the truth Alex finds herself face to face with a killer who just may be the death of her.

Julie Hyzy’s, Deadly Interest, is a terrific addition to the Alex St. James mystery series. Smart, caring, tough, determined are some of the characteristics that Hyzy brings to her heroine. Full of life, Alex is a character you will find yourself rooting for while waiting with baited breath to see what happens next. Her relationships with her sister and the two men in her life add depth to Alex’s character giving her a certain vulnerability.

The plot pulls you in from page one leaving you breathless as you follow all the twists leading to the final denouement. Hyzy’s Alex St. James series is one I hope will be around for a while because she combines the best of all worlds: a heroine with depth, fascinating mysteries and villains of the most devious sort.

Note: At the end of Deadly Interest Alex St. James meets up with Ron Shade, a character from a mystery series written by Michael A. Black. Hyzy and Black are now working on a collaborative book featuring both of their characters.


Andrea Maloney is a stay at home mom and jewelry designer who loves to read. Her favorite books are mysteries, suspense and thrillers. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two daughters and one large cat.

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